Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 15th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Premlatha says she is thinking what sort of child, she brought forth. Dadi says in the event that you have any contact with him, at that point I will shoot you both. Raghav yells getting Shivraj out. He demonstrates Rani’s dupatta outside the house. He saw the rhythm and gets stunned. He is about to hit by a vehicle. Dadi requests that he be cautious. Raghav reveals to Inspector that Rani has made this track with bond and says I will proceed to look through her. Shivraj says Police will take every necessary step. They attempt to stop him, yet Raghav sits in the taxi and depart. Rukmani cries and says Rivaaj will execute Rani.

Raghav requests that the driver pursue the concrete line and reviews minutes with her and Rivaaj compromising her. Rivaaj stops the rhythm assuming her to disconnected position and sees the bond track out and about. He asks Rani for what reason she indicated savvy. Rani says everybody will see your reality. Rivaaj says I will demonstrate my fact to you. Rani thinks to leave more hints and drops her studs. Rivaaj is taking Rani inside the wilderness like zone. Raghav gets her studs on coming to close to the rhythm.

Rivaaj takes her to remain close to the bluff on the wooden log. He says what I needed, only your affection and Ravan lanka got scorched because of a lady and even mine. He says I turned into a killer for you, I adore my regard which you have demolished. Rani asks Rivaaj to release her. Rivaaj says I won’t let you become of another person if not mine. He requests that her twist down and apologize to him. Rani says I will kick the bucket, however won’t curve down infront of Rakshas like you. Rivaaj says less time is remaining and requests that her reconsider. The wooden log is going to fall. Raghav comes and stands on it. Rivaaj supposes from where he came? Raghav asks Rani not to move. Rivaaj requests that Rani give her hand. Rani says I won’t hold your hand.

Raghav asks Rivaaj to leave from that point. Rivaaj asks her again to give her hand. Rani says I will bite the dust, yet won’t give my turn in your grasp. Shivraj, rukmani and others reach there with Police. Rani yells Ruku didi. Overseer asks them not to go close there. Rivaaj says no one but I can spare you and requests that her hold his hand. Rani won’t. Dadi requests that her hold his hand. Rivaaj goes somewhat close Rani and pulls her towards wellbeing, he loses parity and tumbles down from the bluff. Everybody yell calling him. Monitor requests that Constables check him. Premlatha cries. Rukmani sits in stun. Auditor says we will advise you about him. Raghav inquires as to whether she is fine. She gestures yes. They leave.

Premlatha cries infront of Goddess and asks her not to give anything a chance to happen to her child and approaches her to rebuff her for his wrongdoings. Premraj says he is a tiger and tiger will never kick the bucket. Raghav helps Premlatha lights the diya. Premlatha embraces him and cries. Dadi requests that God keep him fine. Premlatha approaches Rukmani to keep nirjala vrat for him. Police group look through him and tells the Inspector that it appears that he has flown in the waterway. Rani tells Durga maa that she needed him to rebuffed, however don’t need his demise. She sees the diya going to set off and think something ominous thing is going.

Precap: Inspector comes to Sisodia Nivas and discloses to Shivraj that Rivaaj’s body isn’t found. Shivraj asks would you say you are certain? Investigator says they found, might be he is suffocate in the stream.


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