Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 16th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Manjiri asking Rani what was the deal? Rani endeavors to state, however Rivaaj comes and requests that her come. Manjiri asks until when you will remain there. Rani says until when Rukmani needs me. Rivaaj asks Manjiri to do her bidaai and says they won’t let her arrival. Manjiri and Dadi grins. Rivaaj requests that Rani come. They get back home. Rivaaj puts the abrupt break and says sorry to learn. Rani says its alright. Rukmani and Rani get down from the jeep. Rukmani asks Rivaaj not to educate anybody concerning their battle. Raghav asks where is the Prasad? Rani tells that Didi went for puja, yet Maa circulated Prasad to everybody. She says we appealed to God for you to such an extent. Raghav says you would have taken me and not Rivaaj. Rivaaj says all science is destroyed. Rani is in her room. Raghav considers her and tells that he had a similar awful dream once more. Rani says I am coming there. Rukmani reviews Rivaaj’s fiend symbol and gets strained. She discloses to herself that Rivaaj adores her a great deal and supposes where is he?

Rani is going to go to Raghav’s room, however Rivaaj holds her and takes her to storeroom. He acts in Raghav’s voice and tells that it was a terrible dream. He snickers. Rani requests that he abandon her else she will yell. Rivaaj requests that her yell and let Rukmani question on you. They hear Rukmani calling him. Rivaaj tells that Rukmani will trust me and not you, and prevents her from entering inside, says rodent is inside. Rukmani goes. He discloses to Rani that he will brighten up her mind-set. Rani requests that he abandon her. Rani goes from that point and thinks why he let me go effectively. Rivaaj says he is playing a major event and will win. He tells that Raghav and your marriage is phony and I don’t acknowledge it. He supposes to make Rukmani and Raghav torment. He composes Rani on the board and kisses on it. Rani is in her room. Somebody is thumping on the entryway. Rani opens the entryway worriedly and considers if Rivaaj is there. Raghav comes there dressed pleasantly. Rani is amazed. Raghav plays tune on his portable and holds Rani’s hand. He makes bubbles stream in air and hits the dance floor with Rani. Tune plays Dekha hazaron dafa… ..They move… Raghav wears joke top and moves. They move and lie on the bed. Rivaaj comes there and sees Raghav and Rani on bed. He yells Raghav’s name, lifts him and tosses on the table. Rani yells. It ends up being her fantasy. She considers if Raghav’s life is in threat.

She asks Durga Maa to spare Raghav. Rivaaj is in Raghav’s room and takes a gander at him while the last is dozing. He at that point grins and goes. Raghav awakens amazingly and yells. Rani hears his voice and goes to his room. She requests that he open the entryway. Raghav sees the toy robots strolling and making unusual sounds. Rani asks Raghav to open the entryway and observes it to be bolted. She requests that he read the mantra and state that he is Mata Rani’s tyke. He gets exceptionally exasperates by the development and sound of the robots. Rani yells calling Rukmani, Shivraj, Tashi and others. They all come there and ask her what was the deal? Rani tells that the entryway is bolted and Raghav is inside. Rani asks Rukmani where is Rivaaj? Rukmani says don’t have the foggiest idea. Rukmani is observing the fiend robots sitting in some room and appreciates seeing Raghav freezing.

Precap: Rani asks Raghav to draw close to the window. Something tumbles down from the gallery where Rivaaj is sitting. Rani takes the water pipe and tosses water on the observing machine and Rivaaj.


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