Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Ram says I can’t duplicate his sign. Mayura requests that he practice quietly and says you are his clone. Ram pulls her closer and grins. Mayura asks him not to set out touch her. He says I encourages you and you are doing this. Mayura says I spared you from jail, you owe me. Ram holds her firmly. He inquires as to for what reason did she show Kesha out. Mayura asks him not to think and do as she says. She tells that she will get signature from Rivaaj and tosses the papers. Tashi comes there and picks the paper. Mayura grabs paper from her hand and asks what is the work? Tashi says she came to meet her sibling. She discloses to Ram that Roop is demanding to go out and says he will leave me and requests that he get back to Kesha. Mayura says no, we have demonstrates against Kesha, we can’t allow her to return. She goes. Ram asks Tashi to leave. He opens the workstation and sees Rivaaj’s room CCTV live feeds. He says you was watching me from here. I will perceive what Mayura does with you now. Rivaaj finds a little sharp edge in the hostage room and attempts to get it.

Mayura thinks why Rivaaj didn’t wake up till now and thinks to check him. Slam comes rushing to Mayura and asks what is your expectation, did you slaughter him? Mayura says nothing will transpire until I need and inquires as to whether you have any issue? Slam says I came to do running here. Mayura requests that he continue and leaves. Slam checks Rivaaj’s CCTV encourages and says you woke up, your life will take a U turn which will make you terrified. Tashi asks Roop to get her and advises that she is attempting to get Kesha back and asks him not to leave her. Roop says I will remain here today around evening time and will go tomorrow. Tashi says I will talk. Roop says you have bombed as a spouse and as a bhabhi. Mayura supposes I wish I could reveal to you that I am your Rani bhabhi and they are exploiting your integrity. Roop goes. Tashi sees Mayura hearing them. Mayura comes to room and cries. She says I am heartbroken, this is going on as a result of me, I wish I could reveal to you that I am your Rani Bhabhi and wishes to help her to remember all the glad days. She wipes her tears and says this time I need to render retribution from Rivaaj and vows to get her bliss and furthermore to bring out Kesha and Roop’s reality out. Ram thinks why Rivaaj is moving his seat and supposes she went poorly Rivaaj’s room. Mayura goes to Ram’s room. Slam says makoda, I will likewise know your story today.

Rivaaj tumbles down from the seat and gets the little blade, chuckles. Ram supposes for what reason would he say he is upbeat? Slam takes a gander at Rivaaj cutting the rope with which he is tied. Ram thinks Rivaaj will abscond. Mayura comes outside Rivaaj’s room and takes a gander at him through the mirror entryway. She sees him cutting the rope. Rivaaj liberates himself. Slam looks on. Rivaaj sees meter box and after that sees Mayura coming infront of the mirror entryway. He says Saala and looks irately. He saw her when he was suffocating in water. He says she is tormenting me without a doubt and deceived me. Mayura goes close to the switch box. Ram thinks what she will do. Rivaaj says I will turn out and see you and holds the entryway handle, Mayura pulls the trigger and gives him electric stun, reviewing how he gave electric stun to Raghav. Rivaaj squirms excruciatingly.

Precap: Ram gives breaking news to columnists about Rivaaj. Roop asks Tashi to see the paper. Kesha blows up perusing the news. Mayura inquires as to for what reason did you make the commitment news open. Slam says you have additionally escaped me about offering stuns to Rivaaj.


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