Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 17th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Premlatha gets a call and the guest gets some information about Rivaaj’s commitment. Premlatha asks what rubbish? Roop asks Tashi to see her sibling’s doing and demonstrates the paper. Kesha blows up and tosses the paper. Smash watches news on his versatile that Kesha and Rivaaj’s Jodi was great, however Kesha was thumped out. Kesha hears news that Rivaaj and her Jodi is ideal and Rivaaj and Mayura’s Jodi is awful. Slam watches the news. Mayura thinks in the event that Rukmani comes to know, at that point she will detest me more. Mayura comes to Ram and hearing him conversing with somebody and saying that he adores Mayura. Mayura pushes him and inquires as to for what reason did you do this, when I said that commitment will be relaxed and a family undertaking. Smash grins. Mayura says I shouldn’t have confided in you. Slam puts water on her and says he did this to quiet her down. He says I don’t confide in you and says you went to give electric stun to Rivaaj. He says he knows it all. He says on the off chance that you don’t adhere to your words, at that point even I won’t.

Mayura blows up and puts window box water on his head. She says this is for putting water on my head. She asks him not to do anything without asking her else he don’t have the foggiest idea what she can do. Slam prevents her from leaving and says I need to reveal to you why I spread the news. He gives her towel and requests that her wipe. He says you are looking hazardous, I am frightened. Mayura says you will be. Smash says he needs individuals to ridicule Rivaaj and says he has harmed numerous young ladies’ heart and you will be the first to dump him in general visibility. He gets passionate and says I was not having even sustenance there and here Rivaaj was carrying on with a lavish life. He says individuals used to pursue Rivaaj to get his signature and there individuals used to pursue me to … He at that point asks her not to meddle in his work and says even he needs to render retribution from Rivaaj. Mayura gestures her hand and returns his towel.

Roop discloses to Kesha that he has compromised Tashi to go out, but..Kesha requests that he accomplish something and take her back home and parts of the bargains. Roop sees Tashi coming there and professes to converse with Kesha and asking her not to end it all. He reveals to her that in the event that anything happens to his sister, at that point their relationship will end. Mayura comes inside the mystery room and thinks Rivaaj may have woken up at this point for my next arrangement. She goes to within room and discovers him oblivious. She supposes if the stun was much and thinks on the off chance that he is tied appropriately. She plunks down to check the rope, however Rivaaj is really wakeful and claiming to be oblivious. He says Mayura and holds her neck. Mayura attempts to free herself. Rivaaj says you attempted to play my band, I will murder you. Slam comes there and splashes on his eyes. He says you completed a major error by assaulting Mayura and says he will break his hands. Rivaaj says I will send you to such a spot, that you can’t return. Smash takes her out. Mayura expresses gratitude toward him for sparing her. Smash says for what reason did you abandon any arranging and says I shouldn’t have released you. Mayura asks who are you, be in your points of confinement. Smash observes damage on her hand while she is exiting.

Tashi is going to tumble down, however Roop comes and holds her. He says sorry and says I yelled at you much. Tashi says I know Kesha is your sister and our family, yet Bhai would prefer not to hear. Roop requests that her sit and requests that her ask his sister as a blessing from him. Tashi says however. Roop says I gave you a thought and you realize how to do it.

Mayura reviews Rivaaj assaulting her and supposes how could I let him overwhelm me and says where was my quality at that point? She is going to hit his hand on the table, however Ram comes there and holds her hand. He requests that her demonstrate her hand and cleans her damage, blows on it. Fundamental Tenu Samjhawa ki… plays… Mayura and Ram take a gander at one another. She gets up and says sorry for her conduct. She says you helped me so much, I didn’t anticipate it. Smash says no issue, deal with yourself. Mayura says I realize I fouled up by going there with no arranging. Rivaaj giggles in the bondage and takes a gander at the clip. He took it out from her hairs.

Precap: Ram goes to the mystery room and heads inside. Premlatha supposes he went to peruse fan sends and thinks to head inside and check herself what he does inside.


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