Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 19th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Premlatha discloses to Tashi that she will converse with him. Rivaaj couldn’t slice the rope and thinks to destroy Mayura once he goes from that point. Mayura supposes she needs to confront Rivaaj and is going there. Smash comes there. Mayura stops and discloses to him that she was coming to him. Smash says Tashi needed him to bring Kesha back. Mayura says you would have given her blessing. Slam tells that he is eager and haven’t eaten nourishment. Mayura says she will send nourishment for him. Rivaaj is as yet attempting to cut the rope.

Mayura comes inside the primary entryway and ties her hairs before going to the third room where she has kept Rivaaj hostage. Rivaaj professes to rest. Mayura says same, old deceives and says this dread isn’t sustenance. Rivaaj opens his eyes and says you returned once more. He says in the event that I would have been on your place, at that point wouldn’t have come. Mayura says she sought this and demonstrates the rakhi. She says she thought for Tashi and brought it for him. Rivaaj says I will take it from my sister when I turn out. She says you can turn into a human once in a while, and says it is a band just. She ties it on his hand. Rivaaj attempts to hit her with his hand, however she moves back and grins. Rivaaj requests that her leave and gets dazed seeing her grin. He supposes what is in it and asks what is gnawing me? Mayura grins. Rivaaj feels the torment and attempts to rub his hand. He asks Mayura to take it off. Mayura says you don’t have the right to be a sibling or a human. Her clip tumbles down from Rivaaj’s hand. Mayura reviews Rivaaj harming Raghav by making him chomped with toxic bug.

Slam is eager and thinks Mayura didn’t send the sustenance till now. He happens to watch workstation and thinks Mayura doesn’t tune in immediately. He runs and heads inside. Premlatha sees him heading inside. Mayura leaves the hostage third room. Slam reprimands her for coming alone and says threat is inside. Mayura says I am fine and says I gave him rakhi shock which you left fragmented with Tashi. Premlatha says child peruses fan sends each morning. Slam asks Mayura for what good reason she harms Rivaaj. Mayura reviews Raghav’s demise and says you won’t get it. Premlatha draws close to the entryway and sees the lock open. Slam and Mayura hear the sound. Premlatha comes inside the principal room. Mayura takes a gander at the cabinet there. Smash hears Rivaaj yelling and goes to the third room, makes Rivaaj oblivious. He returns to the subsequent room and gets inside the organizer with Mayura. Premlatha calls him and attempts to switch on light which opens the subsequent entryway. She goes to the subsequent room calling child and figures where did he go, he came inside a little while ago. Smash takes a gander at Mayura in the pantry and smiles.Mayura watches out of the cabinet. Premlatha takes a gander at the mirror entryway and calls herself lovely Premlatha. Mayura gets frightened and embraces Ram. Smash takes a gander at her. Premlatha strolls towards the pantry and is going to open it.

Precap: Premlatha tells Roop and Tashi that she will keep puja tomorrow and there will be an astonishment. Smash comes there and asks what is the amazement? Premlatha inquires as to whether he don’t recall. Smash asks what’s going on here? Mayura figures how might she neglect to give him such a significant data about Rivaaj’s life.


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