Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 19th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Rivaaj pretending to save Rani and her own family from the humiliation by neighbors. He asks them to go interior. friends tell him that they’ve achieved wrong. Rivaaj threatens them and asks them to depart earlier than he does a few brainless paintings. they come in the residence and inform that nobody will problem you. Rukmani brings towel and offers to Rivaaj.

Rivaaj apologizes to them and says Tashi instructed me that you have been insulted. He thinks these human beings are cussed and not melting seeing his acting. He says once in a while we get scared with our own reflection and leave. He comes to the temple and earrings temple bell. Manjiri comes to the temple. humans in the temple inform that the man is asking God standing on only one foot given that an hour. Manjiri seems at the person and he is none other than

Rivaaj. Rivaaj rings the temple bell. Manjiri attempts to prevent him. Rivaaj says nowadays I make my desire reached the God. He says these days i can not agree and could not be satisfied. Pandit ji says God listens to the voice of the bhakts. Rivaaj stops ringing the bell and falls on her toes. She asks him to recognize him. Rivaaj asks human beings to head from there and asks Manjiri now not to do that, and says how can i live with out Rukmani and the way can i turn out to be of others. He says how can she receive a person else while she gave her heart and body to me. She asks what nonsense and says this may’t manifest, my daughter can’t try this. Rivaaj suggests her video in their intimacy.

Manjiri receives stunned and cries. Rivaaj smiles and says sorry. He says I recognise what you may have notion, however it became vital to do that to persuade you. He tells that they have got moved on on this relation and that they have crossed the boundaries of fans and is standing at husband and wife’s border. He asks Manjiri to decide.

Manjiri comes home shattered. Rani asks what took place, if everything is alright. Manjiri asks about Rukmani. Rani says she is in room. Manjiri goes to room and begins beating Rukmani asking her to depart. Rani and Dadi are greatly surprised. Manjiri says you have slump so low and made all family members with that guy before marriage. Dadi is greatly surprised. Manjiri says I relied on you and fought with Dadi so you can take a look at and get educated, however I didn’t understand that you’ll damage my consider, now i’m able to’t trust everyone. She says your Dadi is proper, i’m able to’t be an excellent mum and couldn’t come up with right upbringing.

She says if all of us else could have instructed me then I wouldn’t have believed it, however he showed me video of your doings. Rani thinks what is that video? Manjiri bashes up Rukmani. Dadi is in shock. Rivaaj takes video even as Manjiri is bashing up Rukmani. He says you gave beginning to pataka daughters and now speak delivery is ideal too. He says your daughter has done kand. He tells Rani…i have hunch low to get you, it is most effective for you…my love Rani. Manjiri cries badly and can’t recover from the sour truth. Naina tune performs….Rani brings water for Dadi. Dadi offers water to manjiri and pacifies her. Rivaaj writes RR on their walls. Dadi tells Manjiri that when Rivaaj can display the video to her, then he can display to others too. Rani asks what become that video. Dadi scolds her.. Manjiri says I ought to have listened to Amma, now we have no different way, we can get this alliance constant day after today. Rani is greatly surprised. Rukmani hears them. Rani thinks of the happenings and thinks how to prevent all this. Rivaaj continues to be outdoor and looks interior.

Precap:- Manjiri and Dadi carry the marriage notion to Shivraj’s residence. Rivaaj says he will marry handiest if Rani brings the wedding idea

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