Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 19th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Roop colliding with Mayura intentionally and smiles. He asks in which are you going Mayura. Mayura sprays pepper spray in his eyes. He asks what did you do, i used to be going to have breakfast? Mayura says dining desk is that facet. all people is having breakfast. Tashi tastes the paratha says it’s miles of Rukmani’s recipe. She says Rani had written the recipe and gave to me. Premlatha asks Servant who made this? Servant says I made it. Tashi says she recollects its flavor really. Mayura remembers, a facebook is proven. She makes Ajwain paratha to make them take into account the beyond. She asks Servant to take his name if paratha is preferred and take her call if disliked by them. Premlatha says that sisters went and left hassle with us.

Mayura receives disappointed. Rivaaj reveals her disillusioned and says baby is mine also. Premlatha blames them for Raghav’s death and Shivraj’s circumstance. Rivaaj asks her to have food. He tastes the paratha and says wah. Rani recalls Rivaaj attempting to kill Anjali, hurting Rukmani and burning Raghav and her. Tashi asks Roop what occurred? Roop says something went in his eye. Kesha says she will cross and exchange her get dressed, as some unique guest is coming to fulfill Rivaaj. Rivaaj asks who? Kesha asks him to hold guessing. She comes once you have ready. Premlatha and Premraj ask Kesha who is coming and bet. Mayura asks her to inform straightly who is coming and says i will no longer play this guess recreation. Kesha says i can now not tell you, but will tell most effective Rivaaj. Rivaaj asks her to tell him. Kesha says a pinnacle bollywood journalist is coming to cowl your tale all day. Rivaaj says proper task. Premlatha gets glad. Kesha says they will visit the residence after traveling set and asks Premraj to peer the preparations at domestic. Mayura thinks she shall execute her next plan there.

Rivaaj and Pappu come to the movie set with Mayura. Pappu does his make up and rehearsals seeing Mayura. Pappu says you’re reading incorrect. Rivaaj sprays fragrance on his face and asks him now not to interfere. He asks Mayura to examine the traces. Mayura says this isn’t always my work. Rivaaj says if my overall performance receives awful then my reputation could be ruined, your responsibility is to prevent trouble from accomplishing me. Mayura says good enough.

Reporter involves the film set and meets Kesha. Director tells Kesha that he needs to talk to her. Kesha excuses himself. Rivaaj practices dialogues with Mayura. She says i’m able to kill both of you today. Rivaaj asks her to tell the heroine’s dialogues. Reporter/Journalist hears spot boys talking that Rivaaj and Mayura are having an affair. Rivaaj comes in the direction of Mayura and says I need to mention some thing. just then Reporter comes there with Kesha and cameraman. Rivaaj scolds them for no longer knocking on the door and asks them to depart. Reporter introduces himself as Dabbu and says i have heard that your affair is going on with your bodyguard. Rivaaj smiles searching at her and says no comments. Mayura smiles and recalls giving cash to spot boys. She says what are you saying. Kesha asks Mayura to exit. Rivaaj says Mayura is mine and could no longer cross. he then says you can say anything infront of her. He asks Reporter to begin the interview.

Premlatha asks Servant to take child in Servant’s quarters. Tashi comes and takes the toddler, says she is bhai’s daughter. Premlatha says her mom became hassle and even she is. Tashi says she can contend with her and takes her in her lap. Reporter comes home with Rivaaj and others. Rivaaj asks if the interview is over. Reporter says just a ultimate question. He asks if he don’t experience lonely in the residence. Premlatha says my son is unmarried, as desirable ladies is tough to search. baby starts crying in her room. Premraj tells rivaaj, your daughter cries lots. Premlatha shouts at him and says he manner to say Servant’s daughter. Kesha asks while we will see the information. Reporter says very quickly, we can tell you about the telecast. Kesha hopes he didn’t use Mayura and Rivaaj’s news. Later Mayura is with the infant. She says Rivaaj could be forced to bring your mom again hom and says her plan worked perfectly to make him mad in her love. Kesha says I know the whole thing, don’t suppose this. She says i can understand the whole lot. Mayura says she isn’t interested by Rivaaj. She says you’re very insecure about him, i’m now not interested in him, but he is interested in me. She asks her to head and forestall Rivaaj and blame him. She says i’m now not interested by your cheap tactics and says you don’t realize a way to do paintings or something. Kesha says you may recognise soon what i’m able to do. Mayura calls her friend and asks if she gave news to Media. buddy says I advised the whole thing without revealing my identification. Mayura says proper days start.

Precap: All of us watches news. Reporter tells that handsome bachelor of Bhojpuri movie is not bachelor, however have a spouse Rukmani and daughter. Mayura thinks now Rivaaj has to bring Rukmani.


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