Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 20th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Rivaaj taking Rukmani domestic. Rani asks Rukmani if she is satisfactory. Shivraj and others see Rukmani drenched in water and shivering. Rivaaj tells that Rukmani slipped and fell inside the water. Shivraj asks shall I name the doctor?

Rukmani says i am satisfactory. Shivraj asks him to take care of her. Rani asks Rukmani if she is exceptional, and assessments her. She says you’re having excessive fever. Raghav says no longer true. Rivaaj says Bhaiyya can’t see other’s ache.

Raghav takes Rani with him. Rani makes Raghav sit down and asks him to trade his clothes. Raghav says i can trade my clothes, however you don’t pass anywhere. Rani says good enough. simply then she hears noise coming from Rukmani’s room and runs there.

Rukmani is dozing, Rivaaj appears at Rani smiling, and shows the broken glass. He asks her to give

medicinal drug to Raghav else he has to take him to clinic. Rani shuffles her work and takes care of Rukmani and Raghav, each are unwell. Raghav calls her whilst woken up. Rani thinks she has to handle each. She involves Raghav and asks him to shut his eyes.

Raghav closes his eyes. Rani comes to Rukmani and sits at her facet. Rivaaj comes and tries to keep her hand. Rani says i can take care of my sister. Rivaaj says i will contend with my wife. Rani says it seems you may concentrate to Shivraj uncle’s sayings.

Rivaaj receives indignant. Rukmani opens her eyes and sees Rani. Rani asks are you satisfactory? She asks her to pay attention to her completely and is about to tell her about Rivaaj, when Rukmani coughs plenty. Shivraj and Premlatha come to peer her.

premlatha makes her have khichdi made by using her. Rani thinks how to show that Rivaaj is a bad guy. She takes his telephone and calls Alok from his cellphone, but his quantity is unreachable. Rivaaj comes and smiles. Rani gets bowled over and hides his telephone.

Rivaaj calls her stunning telephone thief and says i’m happy that atleast my smartphone reached you and asks whilst she will return it. He says he didn’t store the range with the proper name. He says your excessive limit is making me mad and says ensure that it doesn’t affect Rukmani. He involves Rukmani and checks her fever.

He says she is having much fever and thinks what to do. He gets an concept seeing AC far flung. Raghav is sick and tells that he changed into scared, and says if some thing had happened to Rukmani bhabhi then. Rani says nothing will manifest to her. Raghav tells her that his mum died like this at some point.

Rani is stunned. Rivaaj decreases the AC quantity for max cold and thinks she will be able to experience lots bloodless. Rani signs and symptoms lori lori Chandaniya track to make Raghav sleep.

Rivaaj thinks Raghav will wake up, however my candy spouse will now not arise. She makes him sleep and is going to check Rukmani. She reveals the cold air coming from Rukmani’s room and gets indignant, even as the room is locked.

Rivaaj says i’m the tiger who eats uncooked and says your sister is finished. electricity goes. Rivaaj thinks how did the mild go and is derived out. Rani tells that she has thrown the fuse and has reduce the inverter wires. She asks him to chill out his thoughts, as mild will not come. She involves Raghav and rotates the hand fan.

Tashi is speakme to her pal and says they shall now not waste water at some point of holi. Prem latha is having contrary thinking and tells that holi is celebrated with water only. Shivraj asks them not to argue.

Raghav turns into great. Rani and Raghav come to Rukmani. Rivaaj says Rukmani is ill and asks them to come back later. Rani says she wants to meet Rukmani. Rivaaj says lighting fixtures are off, and i am alone with her, it will likely be fun to take care of her. Raghav performs together with his toy. Rani gets an concept seeing peppa pig toy and thank you Raghav, says you gave me a great idea.

Precap: Rani searches Rivaaj’s cellphone and gets it. She gets some thing. Rivaaj comes there to get his telephone and tells that she will be able to’t damage him.


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