Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 24th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Rani ceasing an elderly person going on a bike and requests that he give her bike. She says I will give my gold bangles. Elderly person says alright and gives her bike. Raghav moves his hand and pushes the infusion. Mother tells that don’t have the foggiest idea what Raghav will do with the specialist. Shivraj asks Premlatha to influence him to comprehend and says Raghav is his child. Premlatha says I will influence him to see, however who will influence the gathering specialists to comprehend as decision is close. Rivaaj tells that bhai was great until he was taking drugs. Mother accuses Rani. Tashi says she was not at home. Rani is en route. Rivaaj requests that Doctor what treatment give. Specialist says electric stun. Rivaaj says no and signs Doctor. Specialist says it is vital, else he will lose his life. Rivaaj discloses to Shivraj that they will leave the choice on Doctor. Rani is contemplating Rivaaj’s words that he will give such a large number of electric stuns to Raghav that his mind will begin consuming. She says I won’t let this occur. Rivaaj asks Shivraj to sign. Rani achieves Shivraj’s Mansion and calls Raghav coming inside. Rivaaj solicits Tashi to take care from Papa. Specialist begins to give electric stun to Raghav. Rani comes running there and sees Raghav’s state. She asks the end result for Raghav. Specialist takes out material from his mouth.

Specialist says I was balancing out him, however he went in unconsciousness. Rivaaj grins. Specialist says now he can’t comprehend or respond. Rani is stunned and says no. She cries and requests that he state something. Mother asks Premlatha to act. Premlatha acts to cry. Rani cries and sits at his bedside. She reviews his words that she is his better half and spouse don’t abandon her significant other and so on. Specialist says in the event that Raghav gets awareness in 48 hours, at that point he will be fine else it will be difficult to state when he turns out to be fine. Shivraj is going to fall in stun. Tashi and Premlatha hold him. Premlatha asks Tashi to take Shivraj to room. Rani cries resoundingly stressing for Raghav. Specialist asks Rivaaj to come and converse with him. Rani asks Raghav to state something. Premlatha says we have sufficiently heard of your discussions and act, and says you came here to deal with him. She accuses Rani boisterously with the goal that everybody hears. She says I figured my child will turn out to be fine, yet you made my child in trance like state. Premnath says since Rani came here, Raghav has gone distraught. Premlatha requests that Rani go out. Rani says alright and endeavors to hold Raghav. She holds his hand, however Premlatha hauls her out of room. Rani cries severely.

Rani asks Premlatha to hear her and says I thought improvement about Raghav’s dependably. She says she needs to be with him and deal with him. Premlatha drives her down. Rani gets up and says I need to go to Raghav, he needs me. Rukmani comes there and says today you have crossed your points of confinement. She says reveal to me what is our connection and inquires as to for what reason did she disregard her in clinic. She says she don’t have the cash or the quality. She says I don’t make a difference to you and inquires as to why she assumed the liability on her head. Rani says Raghav. Premlatha asks her not to take her child’s name. She asks Rukmani to get her kundali read and says a major kand occurred at home. Rukmani asks what? Premlatha says this Rani has eaten my child and Raghav is lying as dead on the bed. She censures Rani for it. Rani says I didn’t do anything, let me go to him. Rivaaj thanks the Doctor for setting his maths and pays him cash. Specialist says whatever I did wasn’t right. Premlatha asks rukmani to take Rani from here. Rukmani discloses to Rani that she needs to get notification from her relative in light of her. Tashi comes there. Rukmani hauls Rani. Premlatha grins.

Tashi comes to Shivraj and requests that he turn out, as terrible is occurring outside. Rani asks Rukmani to abandon her hand. Rukmani says I need to pick among you and my sasural. I will pick my sasural and requests that her go. Rani says let me meet Raghav. Premlatha expedites her stuff and tosses ground. Shivraj endeavors to state. Premlatha says this young lady is in charge of Raghav’s condition and requests that her leave. She says in the event that Rani remains here, at that point will slaughter us. Rivaaj says what she did and signs her not to toss her out. Premlatha says this is your sister’s sasural and says you will not remain here. She inquires as to why you are demanding to meet him and with which right. Rani says with the privilege of Raghav’s significant other. Everybody is stunned. Rivaaj shuts his eyes in agony. Rani says I am Raghav’s legally married spouse. Shivraj is stunned as well.

Precap Upcoming Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan Episode Update: Premlatha tells that she comprehended seeing her out of the blue. Tashi says Rani is stating right. Mother says Rani is lying. Rani asks Shivraj to give her a possibility. Shivraj says I will allow you to demonstrate that you are Raghav’s better half. Rivaaj believes Rani’s means will take her to him.


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