Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 24th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Premlatha telling ladies that her burden is gone as every person knows aboout the infant now. Premraj jokes.They ask in which is your grand daughter? Premlatha says Gudiya is there. baby is with Tashi. Rukmani tries to look child. Premlatha stops her and asks her to hold some thing. She says i’ve visible you somewhere. simply then someone says Rivaaj has come. Premlatha turns to observe Rivaaj. She then flip in the direction of Rukmani and unearths her long past. Rivaaj thank you the media clicking his photos and says who can come between bua and bhatiji, i’m able to no longer come. Kesha asks Rivaaj if she is calling appropriate in this get dressed. Rivaaj doesn’t say whatever. She asks him to come and obtain the producer. Rivaaj sees Mayura getting down the steps and receives mesmerized seeing her beauty. Roop additionally smiles and stares her. Kesha receives disillusioned. Mayura comes downstairs. Rivaaj couldn’t keep his sight off her. Mayura says I told you that i’m able to dress myself nicely and don’t need every person’s present. Rivaaj says you’re simply exceptional, any gift will appearance stupid infront of you. He forwards his hand and says we could welcome the guests. Mayura says i’m forwarding my hand to be close to you and to shield you. She gives his hand in Rivaaj’s hand. She thinks she is doing this for Ruku di and her infant. She asks Durga Maa to present her strength.

Tashi comes to Roop and asks what? Roop says Mayura doesn’t come right here to be a bodyguard and says what’s her time table? Tashi is disenchanted and tells that she will be able to pass and make toddler sleep. Rivaaj introduces Mayura to the guests. Mayura receives concerned seeing toddler crying. She attempts to visit child and collides with Rukmani. Rivaaj asks Mayura to be cautious.

Mayura appears at Rukmani, but couldn’t see her face. Rivaaj comes there and says whoever sees you shall stumble and tells that everybody can kill me for status with this producer and may be Mahesh Tiwari planned assault on me. Mayura says you don’t ought to worry aboout the other enemies whilst i am there. Rivaaj says uff, this Ada. Rivaaj sees manufacturer looking at Mayura. producer says lovely, gorgeous and says simply wanted to. Rivaaj calls the waiter and makes him fall at the producer and the juice falls on him. He then says sorry sir and asks Kesha to attend to him. She tells Mayura that he’s going to take off his eyes for searching at her. Kesha asks manager to take Sir to washroom. She asks Roop to take Mayura out of party as she will be able to’t be with Rivaaj till she is here.

Tashi is managing the child and asks her to sleep inside the cradle until she brings milk. Rukmani comes in the room and takes child. She asks didn’t you pick out me. She says i am your Mamma and says I ignored you very tons. She says you’re teething and that’s why crying. She remembers watching news aboout Rivaaj on tv and seeing child on tv. She says I couldn’t be some distance from you after seeing you and applies some thing on her gums. She says this is your Nani’s remedy. She hears a person coming and asks baby now not to cry. She says she can maintain her with her usually. She is going. Mayura is coming there and sees some thing on her gums. She says this is Dadi’s remedy and says a person from my circle of relatives is right here. She tells that she can discover and is derived out of room. Rukmani collides with Rivaaj. He asks who are you. Mayura comes there. Rukmani runs to kitchen. Rivaaj asks wherein are you going?

Mayura thinks how to search who has come. Rukmani sits in the corner and cries. She thinks if Rani might were alive then she wouldn’t have allow wrong element going on with me. She thinks of Rani’s words and thinks what she can do. Rivaaj tells Mayura that he’ll dance along with her in the birthday party. Mayura says I were given ready to come to celebration to defend you and asks him now not to return toward her. Rivaaj says your stone attitude makes me mad and says he’s going to dance with her only. Roop flirts with a female. Kesha asks in which is Mayura? Roop says he notion about her. She asks him to do some thing. Roop says my plan is in control and asks her to sit back. Tashi comes there. Roop tells that Kesha become concerned aboout the birthday party. Tashi says the whole lot is ideal. Roop thinks Tashi is right here, so mayura ought to be with the baby. He thinks i am coming there. Mayura hears a female crying sound coming from at the back of the black door and thinks who is inside.

Precap: Roop comes to the room and says we’re on my own within the room subsequently. Rukmani is inside the room with baby. He sees her and asks what are you doing right here? He asks her to give the child. Rukmani nods no.


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