Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 25th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Shivraj asking Rani what she is stating? Premlatha says this time isn’t to joke. Premnath asks what rubbish and requests that her return home. Rani says I am neither lying nor kidding, it is my entitlement to remain with my significant other, to deal with him, to see him. I have ideal to remain with him… Rukmani slaps her hard. Rani tumbles down close to the inhouse sanctuary. A blossom tumbles down close to her. Rukmani yells Rani and inquires as to whether she comprehends what she is stating? Rani holds her hand when she attempts to slap her once more. Rukmani asks do you have any disgrace to state this. Rani says for what reason to feel disgrace to state truth and says this fact that I am Raghav’s significant other can’t be changed by anybody.

She goes to inhouse sanctuary and picks the blossom favored by the God. She takes a spot of sindoor and applies in her maang. Rivaaj gets pitiful. Rani says this sindoor was connected by Raghav in my maang and says they got hitched on holi day, in a mass marriage and demonstrates the mangalsutra attached to her hand. She says Raghav made me wear this. Rukmani holds her hand and takes a gander at her mangalsutra. She asks do you have any disgrace or not and says you will stoop low to see him. Premlatha says I came to know seeing her out of the blue that she isn’t right. Rukmani says if maa comes to know this. Rani says I am honored by Durga Maa and Raghav and my connection associated for 7 births, and the majority of your desire don’t make a difference by any means. Premnath asks Shivraj to get Rani treated by the specialist.

Tashi says Rani is stating truth and tells that Raghav disclosed to her that they got hitched. Premlatha and Premnath inform that she came to know regarding it. Tashi reveals to her that the Pandit ji who completed their slam navmi puja solemnized their marriage. Premlatha says Rani isn’t trustable. Rani asks Shivraj to give her a shot and says she is holding the blossom of Mata rani and won’t lie. Shivraj concurs and allows her to confirmation. Rani says she will bring that pandit ji and requests that he let her meet Raghav. Premlatha pushes her and requests that her go. Rivaaj looks on.

Rani scans for the Pandit ji who performed mass marriage. She couldn’t follow him and takes a seat. A few ladies leave sanctuary and her welcome her platitude jai mata di. One of them apply sindoor in her maang. Rani expresses gratitude toward Mata rani. Tashi calls Rani and requests that her see Raghav. Rani takes a gander at Raghav and cries. She requests that he recover quick and after that they will play. Tashi inquires as to whether she discovered Pandit ji. Rani says no, yet 40 mins are still left. She supposes from where did these women originated from. She asks the ladies. They tell that they are originating from pahadi sanctuary. Rani expresses gratitude toward him. Rivaaj asks Tashi to proceed to sit with Papa, as he is broken. He says I will sit with bhaiyya and asks her not to stress. Tashi goes. Rivaaj says you would have turned out to be enormous kid, yet for what reason did you become Rani’s better half, you will endure now. This is your genuine value..Rani is heading off to the mountain sanctuary. Rivaaj discloses to Raghav that Rani is only his and says I needed to execute him, however need to see you biting the dust each minute. He says you watched out for Rivaaj’s adoration and I will rebuff you to set a precedent.

Rani attempts to ascend the mountain and slips. She asks Durga Maa to spare her and not to overlook that she is Jhansi wali rani. She ascends the mountain and requests quality. She ascends the mountain and requests the bade Pandit ji. Man says he is in the sanctuary. The bade pandit is conversing with his shishya and says he is going to Ashram for two days maun vrat and says no one will irritate. Rani doesn’t see him and comes inside. She asks other Pandit who tells that bade Pandit had quite recently left. Rani turns out and keeps running behind his taxi. She thumps on the window. Driver stops the vehicle. Rani inquires as to whether he make sure to complete their marriage in mass marriage. Pandit ji says I recollect. Rani requests that he accompany her to scisodia Nivas. He says following two days. Rani demands him to come. Premlatha and Premnath cheer to thump down Raghav and Rani. She at that point incites Rukmani against Rani and requests that her kick like a thing. Tashi comes there and says Rani has come. Rani comes there. Everybody takes a gander at her.

Precap Upcoming Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan Episode Update: Shivraj asks Pandit ji, he needs to know whether Raghav and Rani got hitched. Pandit ji takes a gander at Rani and afterward Rivaaj. Rivaaj signs him.


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