Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 25th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Rani getting someone’s call over and over. Tashi comes there and asks her to have the juice. Rani says no. Tashi cheers her up and asks her to come and featuregulab jamun. Raghav asks Rani, why she is disillusioned. Rani says Rukmani didi is dissatisfied due to her. raghav asks her to pick out head or tail. Rani chooses one and tells that she will be able toswap the sadness into glad one, and thank you Raghav. He asks how? Rani says this manner and begins dancing. Bhaiyya aur Bhabhi ko song performs….They sing and dance. They take each person to bop. They dance and sing. Rukmani smiles. Raghav hugs Rani tightly on the stop…making Rivaaj irritated. Rukmani thanks Rani and hugs her. Rivaaj takes out bundle of notes and takes out horrific sight off from her. He says what a dance. He offers money to mama.

Tashi asks Rani about the earrings and says she likes it. Rani says she made it for her additionally. Rukmani tells that she idea their engagement will be spoiled due to Rani. Rivaaj asks her not to fear. Rivaaj asks Tashi to get her percent clicked with them. He says you’ve got first proper and 2dproper is of my Saali. He holds Tashi and Rani’s hand and takes them to stage. Rani stands close toRukmani.
Rivaaj stands near Rani and puts his hand round her neck. Raghav comes and says he’lladditionally take p.c. Rivaaj excuses himself. Raghav and Rani’s % get clicked with Rukmani and Tashi. Rukmani asks Rani to take images in her cellphone. Rani clicks her pictures. Rukmani says it isn’t always clear and takes Rivaaj’s telephone saved there. Rani tells Rukmani that she shall no longer take a person’s smartphone without his permission. Rukmani says we have becomemarried and tells that his cellphone is hers telephone now. Rani takes her pix and takes place to look her pix in his phone. Rivaaj comes and scolds

Rukmani asking how dare she to take his telephone. Rani confronts him and asks what her photosare doing in his cell. Rivaaj tells that he has saved the ones pictures as Alok clicked it, and the case is going on against him. He asks him to ask Shivraj and says you will doubt him also. He gives his telephone to Rukmani and asks her to preserve it effectively because it may be beneficial to Police. Rukmani scolds Rani for ruining her happiness. Rani thinks how come her images came in Rivaaj’s smartphone which was clicked by using Alok. She asks God to offer him fact. Alok involvesRivaaj’s engagement and thinks to inform truth to Rani and expose Rivaaj’s game.

Rivaaj talks to the shooter and signs him to kill Rukmani. Rukmani sees Rivaaj status and doesn’t see the shooter. She comes to him. Shooter leaves. Rukmani says sorry to him and asks him not to wreck his temper. Rivaaj says good enough. Rukmani asks are you happy with me. Rivaaj says very a great deal and says if I start talking then three books will be posted on my love. He says we could rejoice tonight and asks her to come with him, and says he’ll make a small dhamaka in largenight time. He dances on the track….Dil khali bali hogaya hai dil mera…song plays… Alok tries to come back near Rani and thinks to reach him anyways.

Precap: Alok tries to name Rani. Rivaaj catches him and attempts to kill him. Rani witnesses Rivaaj trying to homicide Alok.


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