Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 27th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Rani asking one threat from Shivraj. Shivraj asks her to do last try to carry her sister again. He asks Sandesh to go with Rani. Rani asks Sandesh to come back. Sandesh says no and says we shall see her which no one have notion approximately. He says we will start searching her on this house first. He says I’ve sent looking crew. Mama ji asks him to make his instinct have lollypop and says Rukmani went in that car. Sandesh says the video’s authenticity isn’t always checked. He tells Rani that he’s a police officer. They start looking inside the house with the Police group. Sandesh asks his team to search in Rukmani’s residence. Rivaaj tells Bhanu that Sandesh may be very smart. He tells Sandesh that he’s going to go out and search Rukmani. Sandesh says I’m able to additionally come with you.

Rivaaj refuses to take him. Rivaaj runs closer to his car and takes out Rukmani along with her nose and mouth tied. He hides seeing Rani after which after she leaves, he takes out Rukmani from his car. Premlatha scolds Manjiri. Raghav asks her not to scold his pal’s mum. Rivaaj lifts Rukmani and takes her outside the residence. Her dupatta gets stuck inside the gate and a bit gets stuck to it. Rani prays to God. Rivaaj keeps Rukmani in car and leaves. Sandesh tells Rani that now they shall exit and seek. Prem Latha asks Manjiri to leave from there. Raghav says they will now not go everywhere as they’re in tension.

Prem Latha shouts Raghav. Sandesh asks Police team to look at the vicinity outdoor the house. They search inside the grass wherein unconscious Rukmani became hidden. Prem Latha scolds Manjiri and says people will blame her son. Shivraj asks her to prevent it. Raghav asks Dadi and Manjiri to sit down. Prem Latha asks mama to make Raghav have juice. Sandesh tells Rani that they shall exit and he or she was seen going there. Rivaaj thinks to dispose of her before Sandesh chases him. Sandesh asks constables to go looking at the vicinity well. Rani doesn’t see the cloth piece of Rukmani. They take a seat in a car and start leaving. Rani asks Sandesh to forestall the automobile and comes to the gate, she tells Sandesh that this is Didi’s chunari piece. She says Didi sat in the car and asks how did this piece come here? Sandesh says a person is fooling us. Rani indicates the oil drops on the ground. Sandesh tells that they may follow the marks. Rivaaj comes somewhere and receives down from his car. He gets greatly surprised by seeing the oil mark. He thinks he is trapped these days. Sandesh tells Rani that it appears vacation spot is near. He stops the auto seeing oil marks ending earlier than 3 methods. They think wherein to move.

Rivaaj drives the auto. Rani prays to Goddess and asks her to show the way. She tells that they shall follow the direct manner. They see Rivaaj’s automobile. Rani asks whose car it’s miles. Sandesh stops his car earlier than Rivaaj’s automobile. He asks Rivaaj why he got here? Rivaaj says I came to look at her. He scolds Sandesh and asks what Police is doing. Inspector comes and tells Sandesh that Rukmani’s remaining place is right here, in which you’re standing. Sandesh receives a call that a lady is kidnapped and stored within the warehouse. Rivaaj attempts to cover Rukmani’s garments peeping out of automobile deck. Sandesh tells that he will move the warehouse. Sandesh asks Rivaaj to take Rani domestic and says I’m able to take her with me. Rani says how can I go together with him. Sandesh says even though I’m new in Jhansi, however criminal can’t cover from me. Rivaaj says in case you need my assistance to search her then i will do whatever. He asks Rani to sit down in his automobile. He opens the deck and places the garments inside. Rani sits in his car. Rivaaj drives the auto and looks at her. He asks her to handle herself. Rani hears someone hitting on the auto. Rukmani is alive and hits on the auto. Rani gets doubtful.

Precap:- Prem Latha proposes Rivaaj’s marriage with Rani to shop both households admire.


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