Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 27th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mayura comes to infant Khanak and says sorry. She says your Mamma couldn’t accept you with her as I don’t distinguish her. She says very soon you will be with your mom, this is your Maasi’s guarantee. She goes out, slips and falls on the entryway. She hears the sound and thinks who is inside, Ruku di isn’t inside. She contacts the lock. Rivaaj comes and inquires as to why she is constantly here and inquires as to whether there is any mystery here. Mayura says she was originating from infant’s room, slips and held the lock for help. Rivaaj says you have overlooked something and asks did you feel timid to hit the dance floor with me in the gathering, says he won’t rebuff her for her selling out. He holds her closer to him. Mayura pushes him and turns his hand. She says in the event that you contact me once more, at that point you will get this treatment consistently. Rivaaj snickers and says you was looking wonderful in gathering and says that woman destroyed everything. Mayura asks will you get her and says she will get her. Rivaaj says I can’t leave that woman and says he is certain she will discover her. He eyes at the entryway and leaves. Mayura supposes she needs to look Rukmani.

Roop sees Mayura leaving house and supposes where is she going? Mayura goes to the auto stand and goes to the auto seeing the number. She requests that he assume her to the position where he dropped that woman yesterday. Auto driver assumes her to that position where he left Rukmani. Mayura sees Mata Rani’s sanctuary and expresses gratitude toward her. She thumps on the entryway. A person opens the entryway. She inquires as to whether Rukmani remains here. The person says I remain alone here. Mayura sees CCTV camera and requests that the retailer demonstrate the recording. He says he is occupied. She gives him cash. He demonstrates the CCTV film. Mayura sees Rukmani fleeing from that point. She supposes how to look through you.

In the interim Rivaaj goes to the lock room, opens it and places water in the bowl. He at that point removes it before the hostage man can take the water. He requests that the man quit making sound else he won’t give him water like he quit giving him nourishment. He says you can make due without nourishment, however not without water. The man makes sound. Rivaaj gives him water and turns out. He bolts the entryway and sees Premlatha sticking out. Premlatha says I am your Amma and I realize that you are frantic about this room, I never given anybody a chance to result in these present circumstances room. She tells that fans have sent numerous cards for him and says she will keep in the room. Rivaaj stops her and approaches her to make halwa for him. Premlatha goes to make halwa for him.

Premraj converses with Roop and requests that he make him taste that season. Roop says we will design. Mayura comes there and approaches Premraj to give Manager’s number for examination. Premraj gives her number. Roop says I previously conversed with him. Mayura takes a gander at him. She calls Manager and asks who has suggested that old woman with the providing food staff. Roop hears her quietly. Rivaaj comes to Mayura and attempts to draw nearer to her. Mayura turns and asks what’s happening with he? He says you are looking unwell and approaches Servant to bring juice for her. Mayura says I am fine and can deal with myself. Rivaaj gets some information about getting the stalker and tells that he has gone insane and will get the stalker. He discloses to her that he loves her blooming face and not unwell face. Mayura goes. Roop hears them and thinks Rivaaj is astonished by this body protect. He supposes this young lady won’t be gotten so effectively, supposes she is by all accounts passionate and thinks if the issue is something different. Rivaaj requests that Servants call specialist and deal with Mayura, give her juice. They leave. Bhanu inquires as to for what reason would he say he is dealing with Mayura? Rivaaj says this is called future arranging and says in the event that I deal with young lady, at that point she will always remember this and says I won’t leave any opportunity to make Mayura as your bhabhi.

Precap: The secretive man is tied with chain and makes sound in the bolted room. Rivaaj watches him on his workstation when Kesha comes there.


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