Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 29th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

ETRETR 29 Mar episode begins with Rani asking Raghav to prevent. Chandu tells the other guy that there’s one more auto in the back of Raghav’s car. He says shall we inform Rivaaj. the opposite guy says Rivaaj will scold us, and says they shall do some thing. Bhanu apologizes to Rivaaj and says I certainly don’t realize about your hypersensitive reaction. Premlatha comes and asks Bhanu to move from room. Mama asks Premlatha if she has hidden her planning from him. Premlatha tells that Rivaaj changed into about to address Raghav and ship him away. Rivaaj couldn’t speak due to the allergy and tries to deliver his message through signs however they don’t understand. Raghav attempts to pay exchange one hundred fifty to car motive force. car driver asks if he broke the piggy financial institution. Raghav says sure. auto driver asks him to keep it and revel in. Raghav thank you him and says glad holi.

Rani gets down from the automobile and calls Raghav. The goons get down from the tempo and say that they will now not depart Raghav. Rani hears them and is stunned. Rukmani involves Rani’s room and unearths the matters on bed. She calls on her range, and reveals her phone there. Rivaaj writes message on his mobile that he despatched his men to offer injection to Raghav and he’s going to get crazy. Mama says work is finished and sends message to Rani mistakenly. Rukmani is ready to examine the message, but rivaaj deletes it earlier than she ought to examine.

Raghav attempts to shop for meals. Chandu and the man see him. Rani takes him to side before they are able to capture Raghav and hide with him. Raghav says I don’t consider you and says you ruin your promise usually. they are in the mass marriage hall. statement is made to take the token whoever is going to marry. Rani tells Raghav that they’re gambling recreation. the person tells that today is auspicious day as Indra dev is blessing human beings with rainbow. Raghav asks Rani what they are doing? Rani says they are getting married. Raghav asks like Rivaaj and Rukmani, papa and choti mummy. He receives an idea and asks then the promise will now not be damaged. Shivraj calls Premlatha and tells her that attorney is coming today. Rani and Raghav hide within the huge treasure container. assertion is made for the couples to come back for the marriage. Mama calls Bhanu and pappu and ask about the Raghav. Rani thinks goons will seize us and go to changing room with Raghav. They wear bride and groom’s clothes. Chandu and the opposite guy seek them. a couple scolds them. Rani and Raghav come to the stall in which the couples are taking tokens for marriage.

Raghav takes token thinking it to be food token. Rani tries to forestall him however receives silent seeing goons. Pandit ji takes all couples call after which Rani and Raghav’s name. He asks anyone to sit down. She tells Raghav that they came here to hide. Raghav says they may be hiding most effective. She asks Pandit ji not to do ghatbandhan. She receives silent seeing the goons. Raghav recollects Rani explaining him about the mass marriage. The goons test the bride and grooms sitting for the marriage. Raghav gets up and makes Rani arise, and makes her put on garland. He then fills her maang with sindoor. Rani gets bowled over and looks at him. She then seems on the goons. safety guys ask the goons to depart. Raghav makes her wear mangalsutra. Pandit ji announces that the wedding is finished and says you’re lifepartner now. Raghav says we’re couple now, we’re best pals for all time. Rani is shocked.

Precap Upcoming Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan episode update: Premlatha calls Rivaaj in which is Raghav? Rivaaj says I couldn’t discover him. Premlatha tells that lawyers are wondering lots. Raghav and Rani are at the back of him. Rivaaj turns and is ready to examine them.


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