Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 2nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with the captive man asking Mayura to unfastened his hand and says i will shower you with money. Mayura asks how did you come back right here and asks him to mention? Rivaaj is trapped inside the box. Kesha says all doors and home windows are locked. Premlatha asks her to name the cars. Premraj says all motors are despatched for servicing. They feel the mosquito chunk. Roop calls mayura. Mayura ends the decision and asks how did you attain here and modified the garments. The captive guy tells that he is the actual superstar Rivaaj and asks her to believe him. Mayura says in case you are announcing truth then be silent. She calls Bhanu and asks if Rivaaj is taken out from field. Bhanu says they are looking key. Mayura asks him to show Rivaaj. Rivaaj hits at the glass container. The captive man tells that he’s Rivaaj and the alternative is imposter. Mayura asks him to mention if they are collectively. The captive man tells that he’s Rivaaj and says all Jhansi is aware of about him. He asks her to loose him and asks what evidence you need. Mayura thinks whoever he is, however no longer my Raghav, meaning he died on that day in hearth. She recalls Raghav’s love confession and their separation and his dying. She cries. He asks her to open his arms and says i can shower cash on you. She hears Premlatha calling Rivaaj. The captive guy says he came and asks her to loose him. She takes her handbag and leaves. She adjustments the password and comes out of window.

Kesha asks Rivaaj about the rashes. Mayura says I went to get assist for you and by the time I study there, you become now not there. Rivaaj appears at her. Premraj asks Rivaaj did you change the password. Rivaaj says no and opens the door with the passport. Mayura thinks if he is real Rivaaj and thinks to find out. She involves Rivaaj and asks if he is better? He says you are unsleeping until night time. Mayura says I idea to offer you fan mail. Rivaaj asks her to maintain it here and says he’ll maintain it later in locked room. Mayura says I forgot which you have a unique fan mail room wherein you examine it. She asks about the shoot. He says you became no longer there and asks in which turned into you? She says she went to get assist for him and by the time she reached back, you became already saved. She asks him to take care and maintains hand on his cheeks and head. Rivaaj thinks his magic is running on her. She comes out and appears on the hair pattern which she took.

Mayura calls someone and asks him to get the DNA take a look at completed. She gives captive man’s water jug and Rivaaj’s hair. Kesha asks Roop what befell? Roop tells that Rivaaj held his neck whilst he informed him that she went to basti. Kesha says we should pass there and asks him to get prepared. Mayura talks to someone and says it will likely be cleared who is real Rivaaj. She peeps in Rivaaj’s room and sees him searching at her (Rani) percent. She thinks his anger will come out. Rivaaj looks on the p.c and maintains it returned. She gets the DNA record on her cellphone and it suits ninety nine.nine percentage. She says they are twins and thinks to punish the actual Rivaaj for ruining her family. She thinks how to find out who is real Rivaaj. Premraj asks Servant to deliver ice candy. Mayura looks on.

Kesha and Roop come to the basti and ask about Mayura displaying her p.c. Rukmani comes out of house and says she will be able to carry the stuff. Roop doesn’t see her. Kesha places her foot in the mud. Mayura brings chocolate and gives to Premraj. They communicate about movie. Premraj says a few movies are top. Mayura says story is same, teasing girl. Premraj says then will get crushed. Mayura thinks i’m hoping you people had taught this to Rivaaj.

Rivaaj involves the captive guy and asks why he is asking happy? Captive man says he has conventional his destiny and is calm. Rivaaj throws water on his face and asks did you revel in now? The captive guy sees Mayura’s earring near Rivaaj’s leg and says i am equipped. He says i will show you which iron i am fabricated from?

Precap: Mayura thinks to go to black door again to recognise the fact. She comes there. Rivaaj watches her on tv.


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