Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 30th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Rivaaj taking his own family to a eating place. Kesha is ready to sit down beside him. He asks Mayura to sit down beside him. Kesha gets disenchanted. Mayura sits beside Rivaaj. Premlatha asks waiter to get Mineral water and name callings Mayura, pronouncing most effective rich human beings like them come here. Kesha scoffs a few human beings upload on. Rivaaj is tensed. A fan waves her hand. Rivaaj waves his hand. His fan comes and clicks selfie with him. Premlatha asks Rivaaj to reserve food. Rivaaj exams the menu. Tashi asks Roop where become he? Roop says he went to meet investor for his enterprise. He says if you want then i can make you speak to him. He asks her to pick out what she wants to eat. He touches Premraj’s foot mistakenly eying Mayura. Premraj asks Kesha if she is..? Roop sees Premraj’s foot and takes his foot lower back.

Rivaaj says i can go to restroom. Mayura says i can also come with you. Premraj asks what’s your paintings there. Mayura says we have come to a new area, i can test the location and stand out of doors. Rivaaj says I recognise the area nicely and asks her to take a seat. Mayura says I don’t want each person to point finger at me. Rivaaj says soup came and asks her to drink first. He thinks that tied animal (man) need to be hungry now. Mayura is about to drink soup, but thinks of Rukmani and Dadi’s awful condition. She thinks they’re in bad condition and right here these people are playing. She tells Rivaaj that she can make a name and come. She comes close to the window and sees Dadi begging outside the eating place. She gets greatly surprised. She comes to Rivaaj and says she goes to washroom. She comes out. The tied man and tries to loose himself. Mayura comes to Dadi.

Rukmani comes to Dadi and blames Mayura for enjoying with her husband and asks her to leave them. Rivaaj tells that he has work. Premlatha asks him to have food. Rivaaj says i’ve paintings and is leaving. He asks Premraj to take unique care of Mayura. Rukmani takes Dadi with her. Rivaaj comes out, but don’t see them. Mayura goes lower back to the restaurant and sees Rivaaj going in his car. She thinks in which is he going? She comes lower back, takes her purse and leaves. Roop follows her and stops her. Mayura asks in which is Rivaaj? Roop says he went for work and asked us to take care of you thoroughly. Mayura recollects her family’s misery and is going again to the table. She deliberately slips on Premlatha and makes the food object fall. She spills the juice after which makes Kesha fall. Kesha scolds her and asks why did you come back right here whilst you don’t have any basic etiquettes. Mayura appears on.

Rivaaj comes home and opens the black door. Premlatha, Premraj and kesha visit wash their clothes. Mayura thinks your suffering has just started out. Rivaaj brings injection for the captive man and says you will feel ache and then mukti. Mayura comes home and thinks why he got here returned. She thinks Rivaaj has hidden someone vital inside that black door and want to do something to him via sending every body out. The captive man holds Rivaaj’s hand and then neck. Rivaaj says i can not leave you these days. The captive man’s face is shown and he is his lookalike. Rivaaj and the captive man combat with every different. Mayura comes within the black door and opens the first door. She comes near the glass window. Rivaaj hits injection on the person’s neck. guy falls down. Mayura sees someone is getting dragged. Rivaaj drags him and makes him sit on chair. He ties him.

Premlatha calls Rivaaj and says they’re leaving after having meals. Rivaaj says i am at domestic and asks them to return. He tells the man that he’ll end his bankruptcy the following day. Mayura leaves from there. Rivaaj comes out from the second mirror door and tests if absolutely everyone is there. He then locks the door. He calls someone and says cancel the van these days, he can’t be shifted these days. Mayura thinks to see who’s he, earlier than Rivaaj shifts him. She comes to the infant and says do you already know who met your maasi? She says your mamma and nani. She says your mamma is very bothered and worried. i’m able to make her notion that i’m her Rani. She calls her pal and asks her to find out what happened with Rukmani and Dadi and where is Manjiri?

Precap: Mayura thinks to find out what’s inside the darkish room. She makes Rivaaj devour something and thinks to discover earlier than he handles himself.


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