Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 30th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Bhanu giving smartphone to Rivaaj asking to talk to Chandu. Rivaaj calls Chandu. Chandu tells that he couldn’t find Raghav and apologizes. the pinnacle pandit appearing the mass marriages inform that this mahurat could be very auspicious and on this day, Ram and Sita had married, and tells that such mahurat comes once in lots of years, and no Ravan can damage the bond/relation which is made these days. Rani receives greatly surprised and sits. Raghav asks if she is satisfactory and holds her. Rivaaj breaks the glass and tells Premlatha that he goes to convey Raghav, and asks them to make lawyers sit down in outdoor, so that when he brings Raghav then nobody sees him. he’s at the manner and calls Rukmani asking about Rani. Rukmani asks who is speakme? Rivaaj says my throat is awful and asks about Rani. . He tells that raghav isn’t always at home so he should be with Rani. Rukmani thinks if Rani did something wrong and tells that she requested her to move domestic. He gets angry on her for asking Rani to go. Rukmani asks shall I help you. Rivaaj asks her to assist him. Rukmani thinks if she shall inform Rivaaj that Rani is missing too and then thinks she shall now not trouble her husband. Rani asks the top pandit and asks him if their marriage is not came about, and tells that they didn’t take rounds. Pandit ji tells that a few mahurat are special and tells that every one rituals are not finished. He says nowadays’s mahurat could be very special, your groom made you wear mangalsutra and carried out sindoor on your maang. He says God blessed all couples with the rainbow and tells that the marriage is completed. Rani stumbles in shock. Raghav tells that he’ll make her have meals and will provide birthday party to anyone for his or her marriage. Rivaaj calls Rani. Rukmani choices the call and tells that rani forgot her telephone at home.

Premlatha attends the lawyer and lies to him that Raghav went to take bath, as he were given dirty at the same time as playing. Mama asks them to have tea and calls Rivaaj. Raghav holds Rani’s waist. Rani asks what is he doing? Raghav asks her to peer the couple and says you are my spouse now. Rani asks him to vow some thing. Rivaaj finds Raghav’s bag at food counter and gets indignant. Premlatha asks legal professionals to have some thing. They tell that they may meet him in the room. Mama says he checked and saw him slumbering. He asks them to have something. Premlatha calls Rivaaj and asks him to come home and manage the attorneys. Rivaaj says i can come there and asks Bhanu to ship Chandu there to go looking Raghav. Raghav finds his bag close to the rubbish and takes his bag. Rivaaj is about to look Rani, however he don’t see her. He leaves. Raghav wears the bag and walks with Rani. Premlatha receives Rivaaj’s message that he’s out of doors. She makes an excuse and asks Mama to come out. they come out and ask Rivaaj what occurred? Rivaaj says he couldn’t be located. Premlatha asks what do you imply? Rivaaj asks her no longer to worry as he can’t take her to health center now. A heavy wind is blown and the holi hues are blown away.

Rani and Raghav come domestic. Rani recollects asking him no longer to inform about their marriage to every body and asks him to preserve it as a secret. Raghav guarantees her. Rani recalls disposing of mangalsutra and tying to her wrist. Rivaaj asks lawyers to sit and tells that he is coming. Rukmani comes there and asks about Raghav. Rivaaj takes her to side and tells that she shall no longer trouble him. Rukmani says she is concerned about Rani and Raghav. Rivaaj threatens to send her to her mom’s home. Raghav tells Rani that he’ll do her grah pravesh like they did Rukmani’s grah pravesh. Rani refuses, but Raghav insists. he takes the aarti kept inside the inhouse temple and begins doing Rani’s aarti. Rani appears at him touched. Rukmani doesn’t see them. Rivaaj is popping out speaking on cellphone. Rani sees Rivaaj and hides with Raghav. Rivaaj talks to Bhanu and asks if Raghav is observed. Bhanu says no. Rivaaj is going interior. Rani and Raghav come inside the residence. Rani sees the flower dropping in the inhouse temple and thinks I understood that this is the your signal and you’ve got selected this solution. i will not question you and will pass in this way and says this yug’s Sita will potect her Ram and Rukmani.

Precap Upcoming Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan episode update: Premlatha sees Rani and Raghav. Raghav tells that he loved loads these days, first he danced as Krishna, then he had a unfastened vehicle ride, after which he were given married. Premlatha is shocked. Rani gets tensed.


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