Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 5th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Rani asking Rivaaj if he gave the right password. Rivaaj says sure and asks did you input rightly. Rani says I entered the proper password. She gets the message that CHIP 1 is deactivated. Tashi tells Premlatha that she can make it now. Premlatha says i’m able to make for my son. Rivaaj asks Rani to satisfy her promise and says he wants to see the difficult international. Rani maintains his mobile and says now not today, but the next day. Rivaaj attempts to keep her. Rani actions returned and tells that allow her play some sport with him. Rivaaj is indignant.

Rani involves room and thinks she can’t tell Raghav anything now. Raghav says you became speakme about Rivaaj. Rani thinks she has stored Rukmani and tells Raghav that the matter changed into not essential. Raghav says adequate. She asks what he desires to share with her. Raghav says I need to percentage with you even now. He asks her to watch for the next day and says i can inform everything. Rani says looks as if a lot is going to show up tomorrow.

Rani thinks she will be able to’t supply the antidote to Rivaaj until she deactivates Raghav’s chip. She hides the antidote and reveals someone presence out of doors. She comes out. Rivaaj comes there. Rani asks herself to loosen up. Rivaaj asks her to finish the deal. Rani asks him to have patience. Premraj asks Rivaaj to have food. Rivaaj spills the food even as eating. Rukmani attempts to assist him, but he refuses. Dadi tells that she will go to Rani’s house taking Raghav’s alliance. Rivaaj receives irritated and kicks Premraj. Rani says she will do the work and meet her there.

Raghav’s Dadi and Tashi come to Rani’s residence and meet her Dadi. Dadi asks Rukmani to carry sweets. Raghav’s Dadi asks Pandit ji to take out the mahurat. Pandit ji says there’s a trouble in kundalis and looks like something horrific goes to appear. Premlatha comes to Ran’s room and searches for the antidote. She finally receives it and says now my son will see. She recalls and a facebook is shown. They ask Rivaaj to say what took place. Rivaaj says the entirety was quality until the day before today, i used to be performing to be blind, but I simply have become blind these days and says i will no longer depart Rani. He tells the whole thing. Premlatha says i will no longer leave this woman. Rivaaj asks them to head. Premlatha brings the antidote and springs to Rivaaj. Rivaaj asks did you deliver the proper medication? Premlatha says you may be first-class and Rani can’t harm you. She puts eye drops in his eyes.

Rani meets the doctor who gives the reports which proves that Rivaaj is not blind. He asks her to keep him far from the matter as Rivaaj threatened to kill his own family. Rani nods his head. Rivaaj tells that he couldn’t see. He looks at Premlatha and sees her. He gets glad and hugs her. He asks Premlatha in which she found the drugs. Premlatha says Rani had kept it outside. Rivaaj says she is not that silly. Rani watches them on cellphone and thinks now she has all of the proof. Nurse collides with Rani and mobile falls down from her hand and goes underneath the table. Rani receives it and sees Rivaaj getting the spy camera from the drugs field and breaking it. He says I gained’t assist you to deliver my reality out and could do something to forestall you. Rani asks auto motive force to take her fast. Rani looks at the proofs and says Rivaaj’s fact may be out soon. She receives a message from Raghav that his lifestyles is in chance and asks him to return to factory near the black well. Rani thinks if this is Rivaaj’s entice and calls on landline quantity. Servant picks the call and tells that Raghav went early and Rivaaj is at domestic. She reaches the factory and sees Raghav. Raghav bends down on his knees and proposes her. Rani tells that she changed into scared and tells that she concept Rivaaj did some thing to him. Rani hugs him and tells the whole lot. She says Rivaaj is acting to be blind. Raghav is stunned.

Precap: Raghav asks Rani where is the chip inside him. Rani says i’m able to deactivate the chip anyways. Raghav says you are not expertise and tells that Rivaaj despatched them right here. Rani and Raghav are stunned. Rivaaj is at the manner.


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