Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 5th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Rani Tricks The Kidnappers And Rescues Rukmani

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 5th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Tashi coming to the room in which Rani is getting ready, she sees the bride wearing ghunghat and thinks her to be Rani, asks why is she carrying ghunghat and tells that she can come and take her in sometime. She receives a call and leaves from the room. Raghav thinks Rani gave him a great concept. Rani attempts to depart from Rivaaj’s house and cross and seek Rukmani. She sees Shivraj and hides. Prem latha sees her and asks her to deliver flower bathtub. Rani hides seeing Rivaaj and manages to break out from his sight. She searches for the man inside the house and wears a yellow dupatta kept there. She sees a person with Rivaaj and thinks to find out if he’s the identical man. She falls down close to Rivaaj mistakenly and manages to hide her face. Rivaaj scolds her. a person comes to Rivaaj and congratulates

him. He tells that he has to move and contend with his paintings. Rivaaj asks him to take care. He goes. Rani is aware that he is that guy whom she is searching. Pappy and Bhanu tell Rivaaj that salt is much less in pakodi. Rivaaj asks Rani to make tasty pakodis for his friends.
Rani sees the person leaving and keeps the pakodi plate and runs out. Rivaaj asks them to capture the Rani whom he thinks she is a cook dinner. Bhanu and Pappu come out and look for her, wondering her to be Servant. Rani sees the man leaving in automobile. Pappu sees Rani’s dupatta peeping out. Prem latha asks Tashi to give ancestral bangles to Rani. Rivaaj takes the bangles from her and asks her to apply lipstick powder and scolds her. He tells his mum that it is not bangles, however feet cuff and tells that he will make her put on it. He thinks I desired to make you Rani from my heart, but you made me disenchanted and raised a query mark on my respect. He says this cuffs will prevent you from flying hight and says Jhansi wali Rani..Pappu symptoms Bhanu to see the dupatta. They silently come near the dupatta and pulls it, but they couldn’t see absolutely everyone. Bhanu thinks in which did that Servant go? Rani is hiding within the dustbin and peeps out once they move. Raghav applies make up on his face and laughs. Rivaaj comes there. Raghav wears the ghunghat. Rivaaj says today i am assembly you time and again, seems like God is giving threat to meet you. He tells that Papa has sent bangles for her and asks her to present hand in order that he will make her put on. Raghav nods his head. Rivaaj asks her to give her hand.

Rani jumps off from the residence, rides on her scooter. Manjiri involves the room and calls Rani. Rivaaj asks her to make Rani put on the bangles. Manjiri asks Rani to move the veil and sit. Raghav receives an concept and goes to washroom. He thinks whilst Rani will come. He sees his buddies playing and calls Rani. Rani is at the way and reaches the area in which goons have parked the car. She sees an isolated house and gets interior. She hears goons talking and asking every different not to fear. She hides and sees unconscious Rani. Goon asks the opposite goon to make Rukmani have some water. The huge barrel falls down mistakenly. The goon receives alerted and ask try and seize Rani. Rani throws the barrel near them and the grease falls down at the ground, and they couldn’t attain Rani. Rani hits them with the barrel, calls Rukmani, puts some bricks at the way and reaches near Rukmani. She asks her to open her eyes and says i’ve come to prevent. She thanks Durga Maa and says I could reach Di due to you. She thinks to head and reveal Rivaaj’s reality. stay tuned to this area for all updates on Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan

Precap: Rivaaj receives married. Raghav asks him to show the bride’s face and says he wants to shoot video. Rivaaj lifts the ghunghat and is taken aback.


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