Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 6th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Rivaaj attempts to hold her. Rani moves back and tells that let her make some showing with him. Rivaaj is irate. Rani comes to room and supposes she can’t reveal to Raghav anything now. Raghav says you was discussing Rivaaj. Rani supposes she has spared Rukmani and reveals to Raghav that the issue was not significant. Raghav says alright. She asks what he needs to impart to her. Raghav says I need to impart to you even at this point. He approaches her to sit tight for tomorrow and says I will tell everything. Rani says appears so much will happen tomorrow.

Rani supposes she can’t give the remedy to Rivaaj until she deactivates Raghav’s chip. She shrouds the cure and discovers somebody nearness outside. She turns out. Rivaaj comes there. Rani requests that herself unwind. Rivaaj requests that her total the arrangement. Rani requests that he have tolerance. Premraj asks Rivaaj to have sustenance. Rivaaj spills the sustenance while eating. Rukmani attempts to support him, yet he cannot. Dadi advises that she will go to Rani’s home taking Raghav’s collusion. Rivaaj blows up and kicks Premraj. Rani says she will take every necessary step and meet her there.

Raghav’s Dadi and Tashi gone to Rani’s home and meet her Dadi. Dadi asks Rukmani to bring desserts. Raghav’s Dadi asks Pandit ji to take out the mahurat. Pandit ji says there is an issue in kundalis and appears as though something terrible will occur. Premlatha goes to Ran’s room and looks for the antitoxin. She at long last gets it and says now my child will see. She reviews and a fb is appeared. They ask Rivaaj to state what occurred. Rivaaj says everything was fine until yesterday, I was acting to be visually impaired, however I just ended up visually impaired today and says I won’t leave Rani. He tells everything. Premlatha says I won’t leave this young lady. Rivaaj requests that they go. Premlatha carries the cure and comes to Rivaaj. Rivaaj asks did you bring the correct prescription? Premlatha says you will be fine and Rani can’t hurt you. She puts eye drops in his eyes.

Rani meets the specialist who gives the reports which demonstrates that Rivaaj isn’t visually impaired. He requests that her fend off him from the issue as Rivaaj took steps to slaughter his family. Rani gestures his head. Rivaaj tells that he couldn’t see. He takes a gander at Premlatha and sees her. He gets upbeat and embraces her. He asks Premlatha where she found the drug. Premlatha says Rani had kept it outside. Rivaaj says she isn’t that inept. Rani watches them on telephone and thinks now she has all the confirmation. Medical attendant crashes into Rani and versatile tumbles down from her hand and goes under the table. Rani gets it and sees Rivaaj getting the covert operative camera from the prescription box and breaking it. He says I won’t let you bring my reality out and will successfully stop you. Rani requests that auto driver take her quick. Rani takes a gander at the verifications and says Rivaaj’s fact will be out soon. She gets a message from Raghav that his life is in peril and requests that he come to processing plant close to the dark well. Rani thinks whether this is Rivaaj’s snare and approaches landline number. Worker picks the call and tells that Raghav went early and Rivaaj is at home. She achieves the production line and sees Raghav. Raghav twists down on his knees and proposes her. Rani tells that she was frightened and tells that she thought Rivaaj planned something for him. Rani embraces him and tells everything. She says Rivaaj is acting to be visually impaired. Raghav is stunned.

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Precap: Raghav asks Rani where is the chip inside him. Rani says I will deactivate the chip at any rate. Raghav says you are not comprehension and tells that Rivaaj sent them here. Rani and Raghav are stunned. Rivaaj is headed.


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