Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 7th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mayura and Ram lock the entryway. Rivaaj is coming there. Mayura and Ram run out and see Rivaaj originating from front. She takes Ram to the storeroom and requests that he come. Smash says what’s happening with you? Rivaaj hears the sound and asks who is here? She takes him inside and switches off lights. Rivaaj comes there and asks who is here? Mayura says she is here and tells that she heard the sound and came here. She says she tumbled down and got injured. Rivaaj says I will get the drug for you and says he will switch on the lights. She asks him not to put on lights and tells that her life is in haziness as her past was awful.

She concocts a phony story that she has an alcoholic dad and disappointed mother who used to take out their dissatisfaction on her. She says she feels that somebody will get her. Rivaaj says I will get you and draws close to her. She pushes him and says you can’t change my predetermination. She tosses key for Ram and signs him to go. He gets the key. Mayura says I will be protector no one but, it’s not possible for anyone to change my fate. Rivaaj says I will get what you needed. Kesha hears the sound originating from storeroom. Mayura says you will leave me in dimness like every other person. Smash tumbles down. He picks the keys again and opens the entryway.

Kesha is coming there. Slam goes inside the mystery room and shuts the entryway. Kesha comes there. Mayura says her leg is tormenting. Rivaaj says I will see. She cannot. Kesha hears them. Rivaaj inquires as to why you changes like squirrel and asks when you will talk your heart out. Mayura says in dreams and goes. Rivaaj supposes he will satisfy his fantasy. Kesha thinks to accomplish something with her and comes to Roop, however he is dozing. Mayura is going to hit him to wake him up. Tashi comes and inquires as to for what reason are you awakening him. Kesha says she needs to discuss the shoot. Tashi says he was worn out, had squeeze and rested. She requests that her discussion to him toward the beginning of the day.

Mayura goes to the mystery room and bolts the entryway of the mystery room. She supposes if Ram has come to back. She calls Ram and he says that he came to at last, else would have material on him. Mayura says I could divert him for now. Smash says I felt dismal hearing your affliction and inquires as to whether he can support her. Mayura says it was phony story and not genuine. Simply then they hear the sound. Slam says Rivaaj is coming here? Rivaaj is simply outside the third room where he is bolted and hears Mayura requesting that he tie the rope, however couldn’t recognize her voice. He comes inside and asks whom he is conversing with? Slam says I was conversing with my better half. Rivaaj requests that he tell who was he? Slam says reptile on the divider and says in that film likewise, there were two siblings. His telephone blares. Rivaaj looks on. Mayura messages Rivaaj to redirect his consideration asking him how he will satisfy his fantasy. Rivaaj reveals to Ram that he will converse with him later and goes. Smash takes the telephone. Mayura asks him not to do any idiocy.

Precap: Kesha asks Rivaaj not to trust Mayura and says there is no past records of Mayura in office. Rivaaj asks Mayura to reveal to her reality.


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