Ekta Kapoor shared such a video of Smriti Irani, you might not have seen before

Everyone knows about the friendship of producer Ekta Kapoor and Union minister Smriti Iran. The friendship of the two goes back years when Smriti Irani used to be a TV actress. The two often share posts to each other on social media. Recently Ekta again shared a video on Instagram for her special friend Smriti Irani in which she talked about the achievements of the Union Minister. In Femina Miss India 1998, she is seen as a contestant in Competition in Ekta’s video shared by Smriti.

A post in my friend Smriti’s Hounslafzai. My friend Smriti Iran made her career by participating in Miss India Competition, she could not win this competition but she made a mark in the house. These are for those who think that success is easily found, it is very difficult to find… It is difficult to achieve but those people who work hard. Today he is a minister, his entire personality has changed. Now he is a powerful but gentle man. She was very shy and a simple girl when she started her career. The Balaji who came, and we knew that his smile would win the hearts of the people ‘.

‘Now those people who did not work with them also call them and ask for help from them, then they immediately help them. It shows that they still know how to build relationships and keep relationships and that is what shows their connection to the land ‘.


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