Esha Gupta Get Upset On Being Called Gareebo Ki Angelina Jolie

Film actress Isha Gupta made her film debut with the film ‘Jannat 2’, when she was compared to Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie. However this was not done well and she was called ‘Poor’s Angelina Jolie’ and she was annoyed by this. Comparison is very common in the film industry.

People often compare but sometimes do not do well. When Isha Gupta entered the acting industry, she was compared to Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie. Isha’s career as a Bollywood actress could not take flight, but she was not avoiding trolls. He was compared to Angelina Jolie but the troll actually made him bad by saying that he is ‘poor Angelina Jolie’.

In his recent interview, he has spoken about such trolls and said that he was initially angry at it. Isha told Bollywoodlife, ‘You know what annoyed me. What used to annoy me was when people trolled and called Angelina Jolie of the poor and I used to say, you are calling yourself poor. I am not saying that you are saying this, I did not ask to look like this, it is because of my parents and I look like this. ‘

Esha Gupta even said that she too sometimes sees some similarities between her and Angelina Jolie when people create and post collages of both on the Internet. She says, ‘Yes, I look, but I will honestly say, I must have seen it many times when people collage with two posters. I think, I have always felt that I look like my mother. But when people say so and like it. So I think yes, it can be.

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Actress Esha Gupta is known for her style and style. Recently, he has reacted in an interview to people calling him ‘Poor’s Angelina Jolie’. Actually, fans compare him with the famous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie. At the same time, some people also call them ‘Angelina Jolie of the poor’.

Recently during the Instagram Live session with Bollywood Life, he openly answered questions. He told that he also gets angry with the people that when he calls him Angelina Jolie of the poor. The actress said that it is okay but here people are calling themselves poor.

Isha said: “To be honest, I have not seen anything like this. I have seen a couple of times when people were putting up our posters. The thing is how we really see ourselves, I am in. I am not talking about depth. But how we look at our appearance (about features), people look at us with a very different view. I have not seen anything compared to Angelina Jolly. ‘

She added, ‘She is one of the hottest women (emphatically). You know what makes me angry, okay … not anymore, but the thing that annoyed me is when people say to me, ‘Oh … Angelina Jolie of the poor). And, I used to say, ‘Yes, but you are calling yourself (poor) here.’

The actress said, ‘It took me some time to realize that there is a small group of people who will always be unhappy with what you do. Not only for me, but for everyone. I just stopped caring about it. After a point. She (Angelina Jolie) is not only one of the hottest, I really wish I had a talent like her or where she is … that’s what I really want. ‘

Significantly, actress and model Isha Gupta started her career with ‘Jannat 2’. His portrayal in this film was praised. After this she has appeared in films like Chakravyuha (2012), Humshakals (2014), Raj 3D (2013), Rustom (2016), Badshaho (2017) and Total Dhamaal.


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