'Four More Shots Please!' Fame Shayoni Gupta told- Why not advertise Fairness Cream after all

‘Four More Shots Please!’ After Season 2, Shayoni Gupta appeared in the film ‘Akhuni’ released on Netflix. In this film, discrimination against people living in the Northeast is shown in a flimsy manner. Shayoni has spoken to Dainik Jagran about the film and online streaming platform. Let’s know what they said …

Question- You have been doing films based on issues. What was special about this film?

Answer – When it comes to the issue of discrimination, I want to be a part of it. The casual attitude towards the people of the Northeast needs to be changed. I have many friends who belong to Mizoram, Manipur and Nagaland. People called him Chinese, Japanese and Korean. ‘Akhuni’ is a famous dish of the Northeast, which smells when cooked. One has to make it by hiding from nearby people. By saying these serious things in a clumsy way, they affect more.

Question- You are constantly working on the web. Don’t miss the box office charm?

Answer: I am also of old thoughts. I also like to see my work on the big screen. The film was earlier scheduled to be released in theaters but decided to bring it to digital in view of the fragility of the times. Viewers are watching content around the world. His choice is changing.

Question- Apart from the box office, no data can be found on the web of a show or a hit. In such a situation questions arise…

Answer- I find the game of statistics very strange. Film is an art, not a trade. Web data does not come out, but OTT’s business would be huge

is. Anyway, talking about figures is the work of the makers and not of the artists. The job of the actors is just to perform well.

Question What do you think about stardom?

Answer: The definition of stardom has changed in the era of internet. The stardom like Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar cannot be in the era of internet. first

It seemed that we would not be able to touch them. His stardom remained because his life was mysterious. Could not get much information about them. Now everyone knows about the stars due to social media. When you open your personal life to people, stardom does not cease. OTT needs good artists, not stars. Artists are getting desirable work here.

Question- Have you ever been discriminated against?

Answer – I am blunt. I speak clearly what does not seem right. I have never been discriminated against for being right and wrong. I have my own theories. Can’t even advertise what you don’t agree with. I refused to advertise the cream of whiteness, because I do not support the idea of ​​beauty being defined on the basis of white and dark complexion.

Question- How much does money mean to you?

Answer- Money matters, but I have been raised in an environment where people do not run after money. The school of education and art has been at home. I belong to a middle-class family, where if we needed money for treatment, we would have only books to sell at home. During this lockdown, one thing is understood that instead of buying expensive things for yourself and eating in expensive restaurants, one should share his earning to the needy.

Question- ‘Four more shorts please!’ When will the third season of shooting start?

Answer- Shooting was about to begin, but I am not thinking of shooting before September itself.


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