Fumi Nikaido × Kamenashi Kazuya
A messy gorgeous member! – (C) Fuji Television

From April it was announced that the drama “Strawberry Night Saga” will be broadcasted by Fuji Television Thursday theatre (Thursday at 22 o’clock) from which Nikaido Fumi and Kamenashi Kazuya double star.

This drama is based on the best-selling police novel “Himekawa Reiko Series” that Takeru Takeuchi starring Tetsuya Takeuchi starred as a special drama, continuous drama, and a movie as well. In this work, it casts, renews the staff, it reconstructs it by adding the latest episode which has not yet been imaged.

Nikaido plays the role of a policewoman who was promoted to the police force as young as 27 years old while being a non-career, Reiko Himekawa, chief officer of the Metropolitan Police Department Investigation Division One Murderer, Metropolitan Police Department. As the only female group leader in the investigation department, he leads the “Himekawa team” with intuition and leaping thinking and action power as weapons, and draws on the truth of numerous difficult cases.

Kamenashi will serve Kaoru Kikuta, chief of a police chief who is an older subordinate of Himekawa. Kikuta is silent with a serious personality, on the inner side it has a sense of justice that does not like to bend, and it is a detective of a sports society that has a hot man. For Kamenashi, Fuji Television Thursday theatre will be the first starring, the first appearance, and the first collaboration with Nikaido.

And it is Yosuke Eguchi who plays the role of Kenkatsu Katsumata, the police officer of the Metropolitan Police Department of Metropolitan Police Department, the natural enemy of Himekawa. It is a victim who has the street name of “Gantets”, the seizure rate boasts an overwhelming top, and although it is an experienced veteran who everyone can appreciate as a criminal, it is a lone detective criminal who is lone alive with clarity.

The two starring actresses said, “I am thrilled to be the first criminal actor and I think that it would be a work that would be enjoyable for the original fans as well” (Nikaido), “That popular both in the original work and the previous work I would like to make a single mind with the staff and the co-stars so that we can have good influence on the work, so that I can also connect the weight to the work in a good way, I am good pressure “(Kamenashi) He is talking about enthusiasm.


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