Bappa arrives at Arpita Khan's house, Salman Khan's mother worships like this, viral video

Arpita Khan, sister of film actor Salman Khan (Arpita Khan), has made Ganesh ji sit in her house like every time. On this occasion when she reached home with Bappa, her mother Salma Khan Has duly performed Bappa.

A video of this is going viral very fast. In this, Salma Khan can be seen performing Ganapati Bappa Aarti for the worship plate. While Arpita Khan is standing next to her.

On this occasion, the whole family was seen together. Apart from Salman Khan, people like Sohail Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Georgia Andriani also appeared in Arpita Khan’s house. The special thing is that after Arpita Khan got married, Bappa founded her in-laws and husband Ayush Sharma. Started doing house

Before marriage, Arpita Khan duly worshiped Bappa at Salman Khan’s house in the Galaxy apartment but now she has brought Bappa in her in-law’s house. Salman Khan is also seen worshiping Ganpati Bappa with a lot of heart. It is also seen dancing in the journey. Salman Khan and his entire family will be absorbed in Bappa’s devotion for the next two days upon Bappa’s arrival.

On the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi in Maharashtra and the whole country, Bappa’s boom will remain for the next 10 days. Many Bollywood actors have installed Ganesh ji at their home. All will go to many pandals to worship Bappa.

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