Rishi Kapoor shares old photo of Ganpati Celebration, closes tradition with RK Studio

With the sale of the Kapoor family to RK Studio, another tradition that has been running for years has closed. Like RK Studio’s Holi, Ganeshotsav was also famous all over Bollywood and Mumbai. The idol of Lord Ganesha was installed in the studio at Hull Sal Chembur and after welcoming him for a few days, the idol was immersed with gazelle. The procession from RK Studio led to Bappa’s visit to Surat, which included Randhir Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, Rajiv Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor.

A few days ago, Randhir Kapoor, in a conversation with the Times of India, revealed that this year there will be no Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations, as there is not much space after the studio is sold out. The 2018 Ganpati was the last Ganeshotsav of the Celebration Family. Raj Kapoor started celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi at RK Studios. But it seems that Rishi Kapoor is having memories of Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations at RK Studios. He has shared an old picture of him, in which he is seen placing something on Ganapati’s crown. It is noteworthy that Rishi has not written anything with this picture.

However, before that, by sharing a photo of Ganpati, he has congratulated the fans and followers of Ganesh Chaturthi and let’s start the festival.

Rishi Kapoor is in America these days, where he went to get cancer treatment last year. There have been reports of Rishi Kapoor returning to India for the last few times. The sages themselves are also restless to return home. He expressed the desire to return through his tweets. An interviewee Rishi also said that he wants to face the camera soon.

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