Gathbandhan 10th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Raghi brings Dhanak in room and lock all windows and entryway. Dhanak says what’s going on with you? Raghu says you are a spouse so do what you should. He gets her and pins her to divider. She says dont, what’s happening with you.. Raghu says I wont give you this possibility, you need to endure alone, he leaves.

Dhanak cries. Mai is drinking. Maya says he is distant from everyone else with Dhanak. Mai says dont stress. Raghu leaves from that point. Mai says see I am experienced. I will make Dhanak sign these papers in 27 days and toss her out. Maya says Raghu will consent to wed me right? Mai says I will cause him to concur. Raghu goes to his companions and sits unfortunately. He reviews his minutes with Dhanak, ae dil hai mushkil plays. He beverages and reviews how he constrained himself on her, he discards wine and reviews his Mai getting beaten, he copies his hand. Aslam races to him and pulls his hand away, he says dont do this, trust me, despite everything you adore her.

Dhanak comes in room and sees Raghu resting and his hand consumed. Dhanak imagines that you hurt me a little and consumed your hand? for what reason would you say you are doing this? She takes treatment and begins applying it on his hand. Raghu awakens and says I have no connection with you. Dhanak says I am not separating from you, I saw you consuming your hand, you adore me so much, for what reason would you say you are doing this? Raghu says I completed a mix-up by wedding you and consumed this hand for that, he leaves. Mai says to Dhanak that you realize he is insane for me, I cannot see him harming himself. Dhanak embraces her and cries. Mai feels that I will sincerely extort you to leave him.

Mai gets back home and request that Maya toss old things out. Dhanak comes there. Mai says one cleric is great with enchantment, I met him for you and Raghu, he requested that I toss every single old thing out of house so antagonism goes out, he requested that I put lovebirds photograph in your room. Dhanak says what will that do? Mai says we have confidence in old things however its fine. Dhanak says no, I will do it. Mai requests that her expel my photographs, I am old as well, I need to spare your and Raghu’s marriage so I will do it. She comes in room and recoils in agony. Dhanak says I will do it. She removes Mai’s photographs from divider. Mai feels that now Raghu will demonstrate her results.

Precap: Mai says to Raghu that I never loved Dhanak however you completed a misstep by wedding her. Raghu says I will correct my slip-up, in the event that she doesnt need to separate, at that point fine, I have effectively tossed her out of my heart and will wed Maya. Dhanak is staggered to hear it.


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