Gathbandhan 10th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mai says to Maya that i have completed my paintings, now you do yours. Maya involves Raghu and says your spouse known as some magician to carry you returned to her, she took all of Mai’s pictures in anger. Raghu gets angry and runs from there.

Dhanak is speaking to seller and is promoting antique things. Mai asks her to convey extra matters. Dhanak brings vintage books. Mai hides her pictures in antique papers. Dhanak starts offevolved selling antique papers. Raghu comes there and throws papers on ground, he’s taking Mai’s pix from it. Dhanak enables him and thinks how snap shots got here right here? Raghu shouts at her which you had been selling Mai’s pictures? Dhanak says no. Maya says I noticed her placing Mai’s pics in old objects. supplier says Dhanak called me here. Raghu gets irritated and says you took out photos from wall?

Dhanak says sure however.. Mai says concentrate to her. Raghu says no, you take her aspect constantly. Mai says sufficient, I by no means liked her, I selected Maya for you. Raghu says I did a mistake, she doesnt want to divorce me then its her problem, i’ve already thrown her out of my existence, i’m able to do marriage as you need via making Maya my wife. Dhanak is shocked. Raghu holds Maya’s hand and says that is my last selection. Dhanak says please.. Raghu says that is a struggle, divorce me and go away. Dhanak says nice, you want divorce? i’m able to supply it however no longer right now. you’re marrying Maya proper? i will present you my divorce when you marry her, while you are taking pheras then i’m able to sign up divorce papers. Raghu says what in case you arrest me for 2nd marriage? I dont believe uniform anymore. Dhanak is harm and says I believe my love and i know it cant lose like this, whilst you marry Maya then i can stop this relation knowing our love didnt have power. Raghu asks Maya she wont have fun their wedding? Maya says sure. Raghu says we could cross and forget beyond. He is going along with her. Bai dances around Dhanak and leaves. Mai says to Dhanak that i’m sorry.. you understand I took you as my daughter because of him but he.. dhanak says no, my family members from this house is because of Raghu. She thinks Raghu will stay mine.

Raghu liquids wine with Maya. Maya says I thought Dhanak would in no way depart your existence. Raghu says I left her on right time. dhanak comes there. Maya says what need to I wear on wedding? Dhanak says you could wear red, she shows her muffler and says its new.. Raghu seems at it and remembers how he gifted her after they had been occurring honeymoon. Dhanak says you both will go on holidays so take these, Maya takes them. Maya says in which do we pass? Dhanak says Raghu likes Kashmir, he will arrange the whole lot, wedding is identical, Raghu is equal, handiest accomplice changed. Raghu beverages extra hearing all that. Dhanak alas looks at him. Maya comes near Raghu and touches him however he stops her and movements away. Maya says what came about? i’m going to be your wife. Raghu recalls how Dhanak stopped him and said we can romance after marriage. Raghu says to Maya that we will do it after marriage. Dhanak sees it. Maya thinks once marriage is completed then i will make him mine.

PRECAP- Priest tells family that there is a great time for wedding after 28 days. Maya beats him and says are you with Dhanak that you are giving late date? Dhanak thinks thank God I were given time.


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