Gathbandhan 11th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Maya meets priest and asks him to provide them a date. Raghu comes there too. Priest says there is a superb date after 28 days. Maya beats him. Dhanak asks her to now not do it. Priest leaves from there. Dhanak thinks atleast i’ve time now. Raghu leaves from there.

Mai says to Raghu that dont worry, I were given a call and we are able to rob a person for 2 lacs. Raghu says i’m able to do it.

Raghu comes to goon to take money. Goon runs from there. Raghu catches him and beats him. he takes money and is going.

Raghu meets Chotu and says we’ve got suitable cash now. Raghu sees a few people sitting on a street. There are old human beings too. lady says i’ve three youngsters, how will I deal with them? I dont have a house. Raghu gives his cash to homeless human beings there. Dhanak comes there and sees it. All thank Raghu. Dhanak smiles and hides before he can see her. Raghu smiles and leaves with Chotu. Raghu thinks I ought to meet Mai now. a person meets him and says I took debt from you, he gives him 11K, Raghu thanks him and leaves. Dhanak sees it.

Dhanak comes home. Mai says Raghu will get indignant on you, dont do some thing. Dhanak says you are with me. Raghu comes there. Dhanak leaves. Raghu gives money to Mai and says he had this best. Dhanak thinks that he’s my Raghu best.

Mai says to Maya that you have to be a lady and woo Raghu like Dhanak did, end up shy and candy. Maya says it will work? Mai says that is the pleasant way to get Raghu, woo him somehow.

Dhanak comes to balcony to takes to the air garments from rope. Winds blow and her saree pallu falls off. Raghu comes there and is mesmerized to see her. He sees her suffering. Lal ishq performs. Dhanak sees him and blushes. Raghu holds her pallu. He puts her pallu again and leaves. Mai sees it and thinks lets see whose magic works on Raghu, Dhanak’s or Maya’s.

PRECAP- Maya and Raghu are in market. Maya asks him to make her put on bangles. Mai brings Dhanak there and suggests her Raghu and Maya. She is harm.


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