Gathbandhan 11th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Dhanak is conversing with dealer and is selling old things. Mai requests that her bring more things. Dhanak brings old books. Mai conceals her photographs in old papers. Dhanak begins selling old papers. Raghu comes there and tosses papers on floor, he takes Mai’s photographs from it. Dhanak encourages him and supposes how photographs came here? Raghu yells at her that you were selling Mai’s photographs? Dhanak says no. Maya says I saw her putting Mai’s photographs in old things. Vender says Dhanak called me here. Raghu blows up and says you took out photographs from divider? Dhanak says yes however.. Mai says hear her out. Raghu says no, you agree with her stance dependably. Mai says enough, I never enjoyed her, I picked Maya for you. Raghu says I completed a mix-up, she doesnt need to separate from me then its her concern, I have officially tossed her out of my life, I will do marriage as you need by making Maya my better half. Dhanak is stunned. Raghu holds Maya’s hand and says this is my last choice. Dhanak says please..

Raghu says this is a war, separate from me and leave. Dhanak says fine, you need separate? I will give it however not at this moment. You are wedding Maya right? I will blessing you my separation when you wed her, when you take pheras then I will sign on legal documents. Raghu says imagine a scenario in which you capture me for second marriage. I dont trust uniform any longer. Dhanak is harmed and says I believe my adoration and I realize it cannot lose this way, when you wed Maya then I will end this connection knowing our affection didnt have control. Raghu asks Maya she wont commend their wedding? Maya says yes. Raghu says gives up and overlook past. He goes with her. Bai moves around Dhanak and leaves. Mai says to Dhanak that I am grieved.. you realize I accepting you as my little girl as a result of him however he.. dhanak says no, my relations from this house is a direct result of Raghu. She supposes Raghu will remain mine.

Raghu beverages wine with Maya. Maya says I thought Dhanak could never leave your life. Raghu says I left her on ideal time. dhanak comes there. Maya says what would it be a good idea for me to wear on wedding? Dhanak says you can don pink, she demonstrates her suppressor and says its new.. Raghu takes a gander at it and reviews how he skilled her when they were going on vacation. Dhanak says you both will go on vacations so take these, Maya takes them. Maya says where will we go? Dhanak says Raghu likes Kashmir, he will organize everything, wedding is same, Raghu is same, just accomplice changed. Raghu drinks all the more hearing all that. Dhanak unfortunately takes a gander at him. Maya draws close to Raghu and contacts him however he stops her and moves away. Maya says what was the deal? I will be your better half. Raghu reviews how Dhanak halted him and said we will sentiment after marriage. Raghu says to Maya that we will do it after marriage. Dhanak sees it. Maya thinks once marriage is done then I will make him mine.

PRECAP-Priest tells family that there is a decent time for wedding following 28 days. Maya beats him and says would you say you are with Dhanak that you are giving late date? Dhanak thinks express gratitude toward God I got time.


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