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Dhanak appears on. Mai says what? Raghu says its useless items, i am throwing them out, he leaves. Bai asks her to chill out. Dhanak gives Mai water. Mai asks Bai to bring alcohol. Bai tests it. Dhanak thinks sorry however i’m doing this for you. Bai says all bottles are empty. Mai says what? where did it go? Raghu says you drink an excessive amount of so it should have ended. Dhanak asks her to drink water, Mai shouts at her to leave her. She asks Maya to inform guy that we’re coming to take extortion money. She exams drawers however sees guns lacking.

She says where did it cross? Bai asys dont know in which it went? Mai says where did all guns pass? Maya says no one came right here while we left, what is someone from house did all this? Mai glares at Raghu and Dhanak. She says you need to have thrown weapons however i’ve hands, she strangles her and says how dare you interrupt my business. Raghu attempts to forestall her but Mai, Bai and Maya strangles her. Mai asks her to tell wherein it’s miles? Raghu brings gun and says no one touch my spouse, Bai movements away. Maya asks him to shoot and kill her. Raghu brings gun and says to Mai that here it’s miles. Mai takes it. Raghu says dont harm my wife. He gives her water. Mai says sorry and hugs her, she says i was angry and thought you probably did all this, we’re going now, they leave. Raghu asks if she is quality? Dhanak says you shouldnt have done it. Raghu says she wont listen, we are able to forestall her, I did something, he winks at her.

Mai comes to a few guy’s residence for money but sees inspector there. Mai hides gun. Inspector says his cash is black, who are you? tell me. Maya says who we.. Mai says we’re from women asylum and gathering charity. we will move now, she runs from there.

Dhanak says Raghu you did that? Raghu says she cant take cash from him now. Dhanak says but we want to locate everlasting solution, we should trade her. Raghu says it’ll take time. He offers her bhaaji, she says no but i will consume from your stall best. Raghu says dont fear, i can paintings for it.

Raghu comes in chawl and sees Vidya’s daughter, he asks what passed off? She says i am lacking my parents. Raghu says dont fear, you study and grow to be exceptional man or woman, he leaves. woman thinks that I cant forget what he did with my dad and mom. She stands on her crutches and doesnt pass ball to youngsters, she throws it away and recollects how Raghu got his dad and mom arrested.

At night, Mai is drowsing, she asks Saku Bai to bring alcohol for her however Bai is dozing. Mai starts offevolved to sleep but a person points knife at her, she opens her eyes to peer Dhanak holding Vidya’s daughter far from her. She takes knife from her. Mai says she tried to kill me? she is a snake’s daughter. lady says your son took my mother and father away. Dhanak says no they did bad thats why they’re jail. woman tries to assault her however Dhanak asks female Swati to chill out, this is incorrect, your mother and father did wrong and got punished. Swati says i’m alone now, she is ready to cave in however Raghu comes and holds her. He says who said you are alone? I recognize your ache, I promise to be with you, dont contact this knife once more, it could spoil your existence. Swati cries and hugs him. Dhanak smiles at them. Raghu says we could sleep. Mai says my head is aching. She leaves.

Mai involves Raghu’s room to discover medication however says she doesnt have medication right here? She opens her cabinet but sees weapons hidden there. She says my weapons in her cabinet? She recollects all incidents and says she did all that today? Raghu made marketplace near, took my guns and alcohol away after which sent police to that guy so I couldnt take cash from him? i will show them what i’m able to do now.

In morning, Maya throws kerosene on a person. Mai comes there.
Dhanak makes halwa for Raghu, he says its do desirable. They pay attention Mai in chawl. Raghu comes out and sees Mai about to burn someone. Raghu and dhanak stops her. Dhanak says you cant do something unlawful. Raghu and Dhanak holds her fire stick away from man. Mai says i can count number until 5 otherwise i will cut your arm.

PRECAP- Mai broadcasts Dhanak as her new don. Raghu says you wanted to be an IPS? Dhanak says now I want this.


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