Gathbandhan 12th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mai is beating a man. Raghu and Dhanak comes in residence to look all of it dripping with water and holes in wall. Raghu asks what took place? Mai says he experimented with residence, entire house is filled with water, how will we stay now? Dhanak says we will control. Raghu beats employee for making a mess, he runs away. Mai says how can we get money to restore all this? She says sorry to Dhanak. Dhanak says i can get profits later handiest, we can manage. Mai says as you assert. She leaves. Dhanak tells Raghu to now not worry, they may find a way, she hugs him. Raghu thinks I should do some thing.

Mai and Saku are dancing . Mai says now Raghu will not pay attention to Dhanak. Raghu is cleansing house with others. he’s unhappy. Dhanak calls him close to and teases him by way of placing her saree pallu over his head. He asks her to take a seat silently and movements nearer. She asks him to head and paintings. He laughs and begins cleansing house again. Raghu receives itchy in eyes. Dhanak blows air in his eyes and says your tears depend to me and i wont let them spill like this. She kisses his eyes.

Dhanak talks to Geeta, she says we should discover about him. i can meet at night time, she leaves with report. Dhanak comes home and strikes with Raghu. Raghu romances with her and says we can sleep in front room. Dhanak thinks that I must go away domestic this night. She messages Preeti to return and help her. Preeti calls her however Dhanak cuts name. Raghu says inform her to not worry. he is taking call and says dont fear, your sister is right here, he gives her name. Preeti asks Dhanak if everything is ok? Dhanak says yes and ends call.

At night, Dhanak is slumbering in living room with Mai and Raghu. Preeti comes there so Dhanak comes out. Dhanak tells her to sleep in her place and act like Dhanak till she comes again. inside house, Raghu wakes up and comes out. Preeti hides. Raghu asks Dhanak what she is doing out of doors? You need to be resting. Dhanak says I went to washroom, you move inside. He leaves. Dhanak calls Preeti out. Raghu comes and says I understand what you are doing.

Precap: Mai tells Dhanak that give explanation to your husband, when there are secrets in a wedding then it doesnt work out, i’d suggest you inform fact to him before someone else do.


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