Gathbandhan 12th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Dhanak and Raghu are snoozing on terrace. Raghu thinks she is close to me but I cant do whatever, God do some thing. unexpectedly rain begins pouring.

Mai says to Maya that its raining, they’ll be in hassle now. Maya says she has a threat to go towards Raghu however I wont spare right here.

Raghu puts colour on Dhanak. She asks him to return inner, its raining. Raghu sits with her in tent. He moves toward her. Dhanak shies away. Maya comes there and sees them close. She attempts to head but Aslam shoos her away.

Maya takes Dhanak’s bag and opens, she takes scissor. Mai asks what are you doing? Maya says she took my Raghu and now she wont be able to put on some thing in her face revealing ceremony.

In morning, Raghu sees Dhanak’s garments torn. He shouts and asks Mai what is all this? Mai says Maya didnt concentrate to me, Dhanak is missing as she must be indignant in this. Raghu asks Maya if she has gone mad? Maya says you’re raising voice on me for that woman? Raghu says this is my spouse, she left her residence for me, if each person does some thing then I wont spare them. Dhanak comes there and begins working in residence. Mai thinks she is already taking up her position. Dhanak asks Raghu what he’s hiding. She takes it and sees her garments torn. She is going in her room and sees all her garments torn. Dhanak thinks they wont allow me stay in peace. She comes to lounge. Mai says you tried to grab what changed into of Maya so she took her revenge, she is like that, no one can be secure from her. Dhanak asks Maya if she did it? She shouts sure, I did it. Mai says these days is her rite so what’s going to she put on? Raghu says no ceremony is needed. Mai says we ought to do celebrations, whole community will come for face revealing ceremony, all goons and their households will come however what is going to she put on now? Dhanak holds Maya’s hand and says thanks, you tore my vintage clothes, i’m able to wear new clothes and Raghu will carry it for me. Mai says wow Raghu, go and scouse borrow a few get dressed. Raghu says i will. Mai says you stated you wouldnt put on stolen garments and now inquiring for it? Dhanak says to Raghu that you have to earn that get dressed, no longer thieve it in any other case i’m able to put on torn garments best. Mai laughs and says you’ll make Raghu work? all of the best. Raghu leaves from there. Dhanak smirks at Mai.

Maya is planning something towards Dhanak.

Raghu says to Aslam that today she asked for a dress with proper so i can bring it. Maya puts bucket on roof and makes Bai sit under. Bai cries and acts like she fell. Dhanak comes there strolling to keep her. Maya pulls bucket and goo crumple. Raghu laughs seeing it fell on Bai as opposed to Dhanak. Mai sees it too. Bai asks Maya if you have not feel? Mai asks Raghu why he’s laughing at Bai? Raghu laughs at Maya and says I know Maya and that i know Dhanak can take care of the whole lot, see now. Dhanak says to Maya that if you dont pass returned then this can keep occurring, i will end all this soon however I understand God will take motion, you still have time, she turns to leave but Maya places foot on Dhanak’s dupatta. Dhanak glares at her.

Precap: Raghu involves a place and says to manager that i’m able to do any task, simply give me this process. manager says you need to wear meat stuffed glove and dogs will run behind you. Raghu wears it and starts jogging far from shepherd puppies.


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