Gathbandhan 13th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Dhanak advises Raghu to not stress, they will discover a way, she embraces him. Raghu supposes I need to accomplish something. Mai and Saku are moving . Mai says now Raghu won’t tune in to Dhanak. Raghu is cleaning house with others. He is tragic. Dhanak calls him close and prods him by putting her saree pallu over his head. He requests that her sit quietly and draws nearer. She requests that he proceed to work. He chuckles and begins cleaning house once more. Raghu gets bothersome in eyes. Dhanak blows air in his eyes and says your tears matter to me and I wont give them a chance to spill this way. She kisses his eyes. Dhanak converses with Geeta, she says we need to discover about him. I will meet during the evening, she leaves with record.

Dhanak gets back home and hits with Raghu. Raghu sentiments with her and says we will snooze relax. Dhanak believes that I need to leave home today around evening time. She messages Preeti to come and support her. Preeti calls her however Dhanak cuts call. Raghu says advise her to not stress. He accepts call and says dont stress, your sister is here, he gives her call. Preeti inquires as to whether all is well? Dhanak says yes and finishes call.

Around evening time, Dhanak is snoozing lounge with Mai and Raghu. Preeti comes there so Dhanak turns out. Dhanak advises her to rest in her place and act like Dhanak till she returns. Inside house, Raghu awakens and turns out. Preeti covers up. Raghu asks Dhanak what she is doing outside? You ought to rest. Dhanak says I went to washroom, you head inside. He leaves. Dhanak gets Preeti out. Raghu comes and says I recognize what you are doing.

Precap: Mai reveals to Dhanak that offer clarification to your better half, when there are privileged insights in a marriage then it doesnt work out, I would recommend you advise truth to him before another person do.


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