Gathbandhan 13th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Dhanak being stunned after knowing that Raghu is the kidnapper of her dad. Dhanak’s dad loses his mood and Dhanak attempts to calm him down.

Dhanak runs to locate Raghu, however, meets Maya. Maya irritates Dhanak through making offensive talks. She is famous that Raghu is after Dhanak.

Maya reveals that Raghu goes to advise Dhanak. Dhanak gets tensed on the facts that got revealed. Maya is also famous that Raghu is the don of Tombiwali.

Dhanak gets shocked and couldn’t accept as true within her ears.

Maya texts a cope with to Dhanak to move and take a look at.

Dhanak is going to the deal with and reveals Raghu taking pictures a man. Dhanak is stunned after seeing Raghu’s truth. Raghu leaves after beating the person. Dhanak receives assist for the man.

Maya clothes up and receives geared up for the wedding. Dhanak blames herself for buying betrayed.

Raghu dresses up to advise Dhanak. Dhanak comes back to the chawl and notices the decorations.

The written update of thirteen February 2019 Gathbandhan episode full story ends.

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