Gathbandhan 13th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Maya places foot on Dhanak’s dupatta however Dhanak jerks her away and leaves. Maya falls in goo.
Dhanak comes to clean her feet. She sees water long past. Raghu comes there. She says i will do it. He says sorry, it befell because of my own family. He makes her take a seat down and washes her arms and feet. Dhanak glances at him, nazm nazm sa performs. Mai says you both start everywhere, she takes Dhanak from there. Raghu smiles.

Mai asks Maya to relax, think from thoughts, play massive. simply see what I do, she challenged Raghu to work difficult, he never did it, go behind Raghu and spot what he does, he’ll steal for positive and we can inform Dhanak about it.

Raghu and Aslam are in marketplace. Aslam says what we are able to do now? a man asks for address. They see a goon stealing purse from car. Raghu takes it from him and sees a number of money interior. He sees God’s photo internal and recollects Dhanak’s promise. He says to Aslam that that is a person’s earning. He puts handbag returned. Raghu says we are able to discover something.

Dhanak is in market with Mai. She is disgusted with fish scent. Mai enjoys it. She brings fish to her and asks her to keep it, she says you have to make it nowadays. Mai says you need to study it, I discovered in my inlaws house too. Dhanak runs from there. Mai laughs. Dhanak says I cant make it. Mai says you need to follow our rituals, we make fish. Mai attempts to take fish for free. A woman says dont do that, I earn for my own family, Mai throws her fish. Dhanak asks Mai to provide her money, she is earning fair. Mai says I wont give it. Dhanak takes her bag.

Raghu involves shoot and sees people operating. He thinks i can locate some paintings. He sees a supervisor shouting and saying how we are able to try this? that stunt man is gone? we want a stunt guy. Raghu comes there and says i am a stunt guy. supervisor asks him to wander away. Raghu says I want money, i can do whatever. supervisor says its dangerous. Raghu sits on toes and says please let me do it. manager says ok you will do it but its risky.

Dhanak says to Mai which you have visible me combating, it wont look appropriate to see you combating right here with me. Mai offers her money. Dhanak gives it to save. Mai says i can take it back from you, I should take delivery of you have got guts, if you didnt go against me then i would have made you my preferred.

Supervisor says to Raghu that you need to put meat to your hand and run beforehand of puppies, are you certain? Raghu says its for my love. Aslam attempts to stop him but Raghu says I promised my spouse. Raghu places meat on his palms and looks at puppies. He remembers Dhanak’s smile and prays for creating wealth for Dhanak. shooting begins. dogs start running to Raghu. All shout for him to run.

PRECAP- Puppies are jogging in the back of Raghu. He falls in water. They run in the back of him.


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