Gathbandhan 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mai says to goons that Dhanak has great point in shooting so she is on my point today, all applaud her. Raghu takes off turban and discards it, he asks Mai what’s going on with you? Mai says on the off chance that she can attempt to transform me, at that point why cant I? its among her and me. She says to Dhanak that I have an arrangement, you need turned out to be great? I will yet then you need to turn into Mumbai’s wear, take goodness and become awful, its two way bargain, so.. Dhanak looks on. Mai says so you are finished? She smiles at her. Dhanak reviews her preparation and her guarantee to be an adversary of shrewdness.. She says I am prepared. Mai is shocked. Dhanak says I will sit down. Raghu is befuddled. Dhanak says I will wear this turban and will do all that it requires. Raghu is strained and begins leaving however Dhanak rushes to him. Raghu says what did you think to state yes? I did everything to bring you here then for what reason did you do it? Dhanak says its interest from relationship so I need to. She goes to Mai. Mai offers her beverage. Dhanak says thank you for tolerating me as your little girl in law and giving me this position. Mai says I realize something is going on in your psyche. Dhanak says I am doing this to make pursue right way so you cant retreat. Mai says reconsider. Dhanak says you can ask my life however you cannot go on wrong way now. Mai says you are a fox and I am as well. Mai says to individuals that no one can get wear’s seat without finishing a test. Dhanak says what I need to do? Mai says not a lot, only a homicide in 3 hours, she tosses knife at her. Dhanak takes it. Raghu is irate and says I never executed so in what manner can she.. she wont do it. Dhanak says I will slaughter, on the off chance that I can demonstrate my value this way, at that point I will murder. All serenade for Dhanak. Mai grins.

Dhanak lights diya in mandir. She takes a gander at knife. Raghu goes to her and says what is this frenzy? Mai says its her decision. Raghu says she needs to make you a pleasant individual. Mai says she doesnt need to help out for me, I have done sins and wont go to paradise. Raghu says we never executed anybody then why you are influencing her to do it? Mai says its interest of that position, dont make me look awful. Raghu says I am beseeching you, on the off chance that she murders, at that point she will lose her IPS position. Mai says you are a trick, you truly imagine that she will overstep a law? She has an arrangement behind sitting down, I need to realize that.

Raghu comes to Dhanak and says for what reason did you acknowledge this? I am certain you wont slaughter then what are you considering? Dhanak says do you confide in me? Raghu says I confide in you more than me, reveal to me truth. Dhanak says I wont tell anything or wont change my choice. Raghu sits in mandir.

Maya asks Mai what she is doing? Mai says trust me, I have requested that her homicide.. Flashback demonstrates how Mai requested that her homicide khaki and you have 3 hours, we will hold up here, you cannot go alone. She requests that Bai and Maya run with her.

Maya and Bai have pursued Dhanak to a lair. Dhanak is covering up and hanging tight for police. She lies on street. Maya and Bai stows away. Police van stops and comes to Dhanak. She acts oblivious. Overseer endeavors to wake her up however she wounds him. Maya records it as she does.

Precap: Mai brings Dhanak dressed as wear. Mai says our new wear Dhanak is here. Raghu airs terminating and drones Dhanak’s name as wear. Dhanak sits on wear’s seat.


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