Gathbandhan 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Dhanak that why are you attacking from in the back of? you are pitting my son in opposition to me? no person can make me lose, you want to interrupt my worry? my worry may be doubled, i will take double money from all shopkeepers and Dhanak is liable for that. She says sport starts offevolved from nowadays, i will hunt you, keep your self if you can. Mai sits on chair and glares at her. Bai and Maya brings her weapons that Raghu hid. Mai says look, you concept i might exchange whilst you conceal weapons? but i am born don.

Raghu points gun at Mai. She is stunned. Raghu says I cant shoot you, I cant see all this, kill me, he offers her gun and asks her to shoot. Mai factors gun at him. Dhanak stands infront of him and asks if he has gone mad? Mai wipes her tear and says we could play a recreation, all of us right in our positions. She places one bullet in gun and shoots but its empty. Mai says God saved me, she points gun at Raghu but its empty. Mai says now Dhanak’s turn, Dhanak shakes at Raghu to stop him. Mai shoots but gun is empty. Mai says all of us are safe, we could try again. She is ready to shoot herself however Dhanak places it in air and throws it away, he’s your son. Mai says he has forgotten the whole thing, you have made him coward, you need him to run bhaji stall? Raghu says getting cash right way isn’t always horrific. Mai says sufficient, you have to stay as according to my conditions in my residence, she leaves. Raghu is angry.

Bai is crying as Mai is missing. Raghu says I searched everywhere but she is not seen anywhere. Maya says Dhanak is answerable for all that. Raghu asks her to chill out, dont mess with me. Maya says what will you do? hit me? let me see what you can do. Dhanak says Raghu slap her, she desires it so slap her. Maya looks on. Raghu increases hand but doesnt slap her. Dhanak says why didnt he hit you? he isn’t a puppet, he does what he wants. Mai comes there with a plate. Raghu asks where had been you? Mai says I went to mandir to pray for you. She shows him turban and ties it, she says recall? you seem like a king. All get ready for tomorrow, all goons are coming, she leaves.

Raghu recollects his childhood while Maya used to play marriage with him and Mai suggests him turban that’s given to go don of town and says in the future you will take a seat on it.. Raghu wakes up. Dhanak asks what took place? Raghu says Mai need to want me to take a seat on Bablu’s seat, she wont concentrate, she will be able to make me emotional. Dhanak says you have to be strong, you have got to say no. Raghu says she is my Mai. Dhanak says however she is inaccurate, inform all of them which you are not with her so she would possibly depart it, promise me that you wont supply into her at any fee.

Function begins, Mai meets all goons. Mai says I called this meeting for a purpose. Raghu and Dhanak comes there. Mai says we’re all gamers and everybody can die however game doesnt stop, Bablu left so i’ve a person in my house who can take his seat. Goon says we’re in line? Mai beats him and says i’m able to shoot you, i will name MLA and send you away. Mai says we need head goon who is sharp and may fight. Raghu says to Dhanak that i will deny her infront of all so she understand us. Mai says person who will take Bablu’s function is.. Dhanak, she makes her put on turban. All are taken aback. Mai claps for her.

Precap Upcoming Gathbandhan Episode Update: Mai says to Dhanak which you want me to turn out to be high-quality individual? i am prepared however you have to take don’s seat and take my commercial enterprise in advance, you emerge as horrific and i will become properly. Dhanak says i’m equipped, i’m able to take Bablu’s seat.


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