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Hanumant telling Bhura Kaka about Jawahar. Kaka asks him now not to worry. Jawahar comes domestic and receives irritated telling approximately Hanumant insulting him. Aatmaram asks the matter. Jawahar tells the whole thing. Aatmaram receives indignant. Jagat asks Kesari now not to cheat in arm wrestling. Hanumant comes. Jagat makes Kesari lose. Hanumant says we’re going to meet sponsors, education will get superior. Kesari asks shall I come to peer the training. Hanumant says no want. Madhavi asks them to have milk. Kesari says please. Hanumant says first-rate, if you could end the milk before Jagat, then you may come with us, i will take you.

Kesari smiles and competes with Jagat. She finishes the milk glass first. Madhavi smiles. Hanumant says Kesari is ideal at opposition. Madhavi says she went on you. He says remarkable, come along. Kesari smiles. Bijli gets angry that Kesari spilled the milk. She says I m no longer the housemaid. Madhavi says i can clean it, don’t fear. Bijli says I also love Kesari, you’re spoiling her. Madhavi says she remains a little child. Choti Maasa interrupts and scolds Bijli. Bijli runs away crying.

Choti Maasa asks Madhavi to train kitchen work to Kesari, don’t forget about she is a woman. Madhavi says Kesari could be very special, she isn’t an everyday woman. Hanumant sees a large tree. He asks Jagat is he prepared for the education. Jagat says yes. Hanumant says wind is doing its work and we should do our paintings. He throws the rope over the tree department. Kesari receives an concept and asks shall I climb up and tie the rope, monkey has taught me. Hanumant says you have got friends like monkey and buffalo, satisfactory cross ahead. She climbs up the tree to tie the rope.

They ask Kesari to be cautious. Kesari ties the rope knot. Hanumant asks Jagat is he geared up. He asks Jagat to come. Jagat puts the tyre on his neck and climbs the rope. Kesari gets greatly surprised seeing a snake. She sees Jagat climbing upwards. She thinks I didn’t tie two knots inside the rope due to this snake. She sees the rope starting. Jagat falls down. Hanumant issues and removes the tyre from his neck. Hanumant lifts Jagat and takes him. Kesari falls down. She sees them long past. She shouts to them. Hanumant receives Jagat home and shouts Madhavi. He asks Madhavi to call the medical doctor.

Madhavi asks what came about to him. Hanumant says don’t ask whatever, call health practitioner. Zoravar says i will name the physician. Madhavi asks in which is Kesari. Hanumant says don’t take her call, it was my mistake to take her with me, Jagat were given hurt due to her mistake. Madhavi says she isn’t irresponsible. He says you suspect I m lying. Kesari runs on avenue. He says if she comes, i’m able to vent my anger on her. physician comes and checks Jagat. health practitioner says he is pleasant, don’t worry, his bones didn’t spoil, he’s going to get first-class. Hanumant thank you him. Bijli says I informed you already, I m worried for Jagat, he’s the inheritor and will take circle of relatives legacy in advance, don’t recognise what did Kesari do. Kesari comes domestic and sees Jagat. She asks Madhavi how is Jagat. Madhavi asks how are you, how did Jagat collapse. Kesari tells her the entirety.

Madhavi worries. Hanumant says she is mendacity. he’s taking Kesari out and scolds her for bringing problems for Jagat. She cries. He asks her to stay as a lady and restrained to house limitations. He punishes her.

Precap:- Kesari cries and says dad thinks I m mendacity, I m saying the fact. Madhavi hears her.

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