Gathbandhan 15th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Maya says in the event that Dhanak requested bangles, at that point you would express that to her? Would you truly like to wed me or simply need to make Dhanak desirous? Will you give me Dhanak’s place? Raghu says no, I will give you place above than her, you dislike her, you are honest, I will purchase entire market of bangles. He leaves with Maya. Mai smiles. Dhanak cries. Mai says I ought to have ceased him yet he is doing this without anyone else’s help. Mai requests that her back rub her feet yet we dont have cream so gives up to market.

Dhanak and Mai comes to showcase. Mai supposes I will demonstrate her film. She messages Maya to begin her dramatization. Maya demonstrates bangles to Raghu and requests that he make her wear these. Mai demonstrates it to Dhanak. Dhanak is harmed seeing them together and says gives up, she leaves. Raghu pays and leaves. Maya takes a satchel from lady and runs. Raghu comes to lady and causes her to plunk down. Lady cries.

Maya checks cash in handbag. Raghu goes to her and takes cash. Maya says give it, what befell you? we generally stole this way. Raghu says you take openly now? Maya says see I am Maya and not Dhanak. Raghu says you cannot be Dhanak, he leaves from that point. Raghu comes to lady. Dhanak is offering water to lady. Raghu brings her satchel. Dhanak says he is my better half. Lady says you are a decent couple. Raghu leaves from that point. Mai requests that Maya go behind him.

Maya says sorry to learn and says I will do sit ups. Raghu says enough. Maya says I will need time to change and turn out to be great, I will atone my misstep. I will make sustenance today. Dhanak says to Mai that I will make sustenance today, I am Raghu’s significant other so I will make it for him. Raghu giggles at Maya and says you cannot cook. Maya says sustenance will be prepared before you get back home.

Dhanak says to Mai that we wont disclose to Raghu that I made sustenance then he will eat it. Mai says smart thought, Dhanak goes to make sustenance. Maya says to Mai that I wont save that Dhanak, I cannot bashful and honest, I cannot make nourishment. Mai says what I need will occur. Dhanak is making sustenance. Maya brings red chilies and supposes I wont let her make sustenance.

Precap: Dhanak is making sustenance. Maya tosses flavors in her eyes. Dhanak cries in torment. Raghu comes there and sees it.


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