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Raghu is stressed. Dhanak says i will put on this turban and will do the entirety it requires. Raghu is tensed and starts leaving but Dhanak runs to him. Raghu says what did you think to say sure? I did the entirety to deliver you right here then why did you do it?

Dhanak says its call for from dating so I need to. She goes to Mai. Mai gives her drink. Dhanak says thanks for accepting me as your daughter in law and giving me this position. Mai says I understand some thing goes on in your mind. Dhanak says i’m doing all this to make comply with proper direction so you cant returned out. Mai says think once more. Dhanak says you can ask my lifestyles but you cant go on incorrect path now. Mai says you are a fox and i’m too.

Mai says to people that nobody can get don’s seat with out passing a test. Dhanak says what I ought to do? Mai says not anything a great deal, just a murder in three hours, she throws dagger at her. Dhanak takes it. Raghu is irritated and says I never killed so how can she.. she wont do it. Dhanak says i can kill, if i’m able to show my well worth like this then i’m able to kill. All chant for Dhanak. Mai smirks.

Dhanak lighting fixtures diya in mandir. She seems at dagger. Raghu involves her and says what is this madness? Mai says its her desire. Raghu says she desires to make you a pleasant character. Mai says she doesnt have to try this choose for me, i have performed sins and wont visit heaven. Raghu says we by no means killed all people then why you are making her do it? Mai says its demand of that position, dont make me appearance awful. Raghu says i am begging you, if she kills then she will be able to lose her IPS function. Mai says you are a fool, you surely suppose that she will be able to break a law? She has a plan in the back of taking Bablu’s seat, I need to know that.

Raghu involves Dhanak and says why did you take delivery of this? i am positive you wont kill then what are you wondering? Dhanak says do you agree with me? Raghu says I agree with you greater than me, inform me reality. Dhanak says I wont tell whatever or wont trade my choice. Raghu sits in mandir.

Maya asks Mai what she is doing? Mai says consider me, i have asked her to murder.. Flashback suggests how Mai asked her to homicide khaki and you’ve got 3 hours, we can wait right here, you cant pass by myself. She asks Bai and Maya to go together with her.

Maya and Bai have followed Dhanak to a den. Dhanak is hiding and looking forward to police. She lies on street. Maya and Bai hides. Police van stops and comes to Dhanak. She acts subconscious. Inspector tries to wake her up but she stabs him. Maya facts it as she does.

Precap: Mai brings Dhanak dressed as don. Mai says our new don Dhanak is right here. Raghu does air firing and chants Dhanak’s name as don. Dhanak sits on don’s seat.

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Gathbandhan 16 April 2019
Gathbandhan 16th April 2019
Gathbandhan 16 April
Gathbandhan 16th April


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