Gathbandhan 16th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Dhanak cuts an officer and keeps running from that point with Maya and Bai. All in chawl seeing Dhanak cutting an officer. Mai is shocked and feels that I figured she wont execute however she changed the diversion. Raghu supposes why Dhanak is doing this? Dhanak looks on. Raghu considers on the off chance that there is something, at that point why she isn’t letting me know? Dhanak turns away from him and says verification of my murdering is infront of all so I merit this seat, all goons bow to her. Dhanak welcomes them and imagines that Raghu I will answer you on schedule. Mai says tomorrow will be her declaration service and I will give her Bablu’s honored position.

In morning, all are prepared for occasion. Dhanak and Mai touch base with their faction in jeep. Dhanak is dressed like Mai. Dhanak sees Raghu turning away from here. Mai does Dhanak’s aarti what’s more, grins. Mai drones for Dhanak. Dhanak welcomes everybody and sits on her honored position. All begin terminating for her. Mai makes her wear turban. Mai thinks this all profited me as it were. Raghu takes weapon and serenades for Dhanak, he discharge in air. Dhanak looks on.

Raghu goes ahead porch and reviews Dhanak executing a man. Aslam comes to Raghu and inquires as to why Dhanak changed her position? Raghu says Mai caught her and she fell. Aslam says what regarding her dad? Raghu says she doesnt care so I dont know. Raghu sees Dhanak sitting on somebody’s shoulder and individuals celebrating. She acts like a goon. Mai takes a gander at irate Raghu and supposes what is happening between them? I need to discover.

Raghu arrives at capacity and stop dhol playing. He beats Batli for moving there. Dhanak looks on and says nobody will interfere with my appreciated gathering. Raghu frowns at her and sees Dhanak’s family coming there, they are dazed to see her. Raghu goes to them and says to Mahindra that you perceive her? I cannot, let me present you. He conveys him to Dhanak and says she is Mumbai’s new wear Dhanak. Dhanak feigns exacerbation. Raghu says this is her new symbol, I never observed this coming, she is getting dread society now, he asks Aslam to bring it. Aslam brings Dhanak’s uniform and says it was her fantasy and now she is doing this? today will her fantasy’s passing. He requests that her consume it as it doesnt matter to her now, you wont rebound presently, consume it. Mahindra stops Raghu and consumes uniform himself. Sejal asks Dhanak for what good reason you are doing this? you generally battled for right however.. Mahindra says our family wont remain with her, Dhanak is stunned. Mahindra says its futile to converse with her, our Dhanak passed on route back. He swings to leave however Dhanak says you are correct, I am number one wear now, I will deal with Savitri’s capacity now, I will deal with this chawl, I will deal with all blackmail matters starting now and into the foreseeable future, it’s not possible for anyone to raise voice against me else I wont save anybody. She says Savitri is resigning from her position, she will leave a straightforward life so no one will give her unique treatment and as new down I will take twofold coercion cash. Mahindra slaps Dhanak and says you need twofold? He slaps her once more. Dhanak puts sword on his neck. All are stunned. Dhanak says dont do this error once more. She begins moving in capacity with Mai. She turns away and is in tears yet shrouds it.

Precap Upcoming Gathbandhan Episode Update: Dhanak sits on Mai’s seat in house. Mai says you didnt take my position so abandon it. Dhanak says I sat down and I am Mumbai’s wear now. She calls goons. Maya says we are not your pooches. Dhanak tosses blade close to her and says next time I wont miss on the off chance that you dont change your frame of mind.


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