Gathbandhan 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mai says to Bharat that you fooled Dhanak by way of being a great trainer, I knew you had something up sleeves when you acted like an awesome man. Bharat says you’re old however your thoughts still works. Mai says you understand Dhanak is handling your case, as soon as she knows your real call and paintings then she wont spare you so that you assist me separate Dhanak and Raghu and i will assist you put off proofs against you. Bharat says thats why we commenced performing, you informed her about your husband and i acted like an emotional father. Mai says we should separate them. Bharat says i will start operating from tomorrow, he leaves. Mai says once they are separated, i’m able to handle this Bharat.

In morning, Raghu sees Bharat on terrace. He hides and sees him with a pouch. He comes and asks what he’s doing? he’s taking pouch and sees a doll. Bharat says i used to be simply considering Janmashtami, I desired to do pooja with you however I realize Mai so i can simply pray here. Raghu says i am sorry for doubting you. Bharat says agree with me i am now not as horrific as you watched. Dhanak sees all that.
Raghu comes to Dhanak. Dhanak says we love every other however from time to time we’ve distinctive critiques and we combat, i have determined to not combat with you. Raghu movements closer. Dhanak says we ought to talk about things, I recognize you are stuck with Mai and Baba, you dont want to choose, i can decide what you decide, if you dont accept him then i will no longer receive him too, I know you will understand him and then take choice. Raghu says you are right.

Raghu comes to Mai and says we have to have a good time Janmashtami. Mai says why? Raghu says its a tensed surroundings so its an awesome idea. Mai says time is not proper but if you need it then do it. Raghu thanks him and leaves. Saku asks Mai what she is upto? Mai smirks.

Mai tells Bharat that Raghu desires to celebrate Janmashtami, what are you upto? Bharat says i can now not spare Dhanak now.

Dhanak is getting ready. Raghu comes there and messes her hairstyle. He indicates her gajra. She asks him to make her wear it, she runs far from him. Raghu sees her phone. Dhanak runs from there. Raghu takes commissioner’s call. He says we have were given to know that your existence is in chance, Dhanak be careful, that case which you are managing is dangerous, i have sent security for you. Raghu is bowled over.

Raghu comes to Dhanak and makes her wear gajra. He says I won so you will stay with me nowadays. Dhanak asks if some thing befell? He says no. Dhanak says I married you so i can stay with you for all time. Raghu hugs her and thinks I know she wont take this severely but i’m able to shield her.

Bharat offers gopal idol to Dhanak and Raghu. They do pooja together. Raghu prays to protect Dhanak. Bharat smirks searching at Mai.

Precap: Mai tells ladies that men break handi so let them do it. Raghu says i will wreck it. Dhanak asks Raghu if he doesnt trust her talent? Raghu says not anything like that. Dhanak says then i’m breaking handi the following day. Bharat thinks I wanted this.


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