Gathbandhan 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Dhanak says I brought him here as you lied, he never needed to be a piece of your off-base work so you left him? Mai says what are you saying? Dhanak says I have seen Raghu missing his dad, he needs him and this satisfaction. Mai says till I am alive Bharat cannot remain here. Dhanak says I dont need to isolate child from his mom yet I will do everything to rejoin him with his dad. Mai comes to house and yells at Bharat. She brings kerosone and says I will consume this man, she yells why he is back? She reveals to Raghu that she will pass on. Raghu discloses to Mai that she is everything to him, I will never leave you. Mai advises Bharat to go out. Dhanak says its my home as well and I am enabling him to remain here. Mai says dont you dare bring him here. Bharat says enough, in the event that this inconvenience is going on the grounds that me, at that point I will leave, he tumbles down and swoons.

Doctor checks Bharat and says he BP shot, give him prescriptions. He leaves. Bharat awakens and reveals to Dhanak that I realized she could never acknowledge me, I dont need battles to occur here. Dhanak says you will remain here with deference and respect that you merit as a dad, dont stress, I will deal with Mai. Bharat says you are obstinate, he takes medication and leaves.

Raghu comes to Mai and offers her water. She takes it. Raghu says I concur with you yet he is sick, he is a human, we can request that he leave when he is fine. Mai gestures yet is strained. Raghu embraces her.

Raghu sees a dad playing with his child. He met his dad. Dhanak comes there and wipes his tears. Raghu says why this occurs with me? I need to pick between my folks now. Dhanak says I am with you, he embraces her.

Mai takes a gander at Dhanak working in house. Saku sys wish her Mai was alive so I would ask what she ate before giving her introduction to the world. Mai says let her do what she needs, I will do what I need.

Around evening time, all are snoozing house. Bharat awakens and attempts to contact Raghu yet doesnt. He quietly leaves from that point. He sees Mai. Mai says to Bharat that Danak doesnt realize she brought her greatest foe home, this is my psyche. Bharat removes his glasses and says you will assume all praise? It was our arrangement. The two of them clasp hands and grin.

Precap: Mai discloses to Bharat that Raghu needs to observe Janmashtami. Bharat says lets do it. Mai says whats your arrangement? Bharat says I am thinking to take out Dhanak’s critical, I won’t extra her.


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