Gathbandhan 17th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Dhanak wakes up and smiles searching at Raghu. Maya sees them and thinks I wanted him close to me however.. she begins to leave and cries.

Mai is looking Maya and says wherein is she? Raghu informed me once that a hundred Mayas will make one Dhanak.

Raghu says to Dhanak that we could go to medical doctor. Dhanak says observe me, forget everything and start a brand new, you’ll see our love in my eyes, i love you, i love you Raghu.. Gathbandan hua plays. She pulls Raghu closer but his telephone jewelry. He sees its Mai and recollects her insult, he says no, I simply don’t forget what took place in jail, we have nothing among us. Dhanak says it was proper I were given abducted, atleast I saw.. Raghu says enough, we are able to be at struggle for life now.

Mai is breaking things in anger. Maya says preserve breaking however Raghu is with Dhanak and not answering your calls. Mai says he is my son and wont forget someone hurting me, Dhanak will try to discover who kidnapped her, we are able to idiot them by way of making kidnappers lie.

Dhanak and Raghu are coming back to chawl. They saw Mai beating a man. Raghu says what’s all this? Mai says he cant kidnap, he desired revenge and wanted to kidnap Maya however he kidnapped Dhanak. Raghu takes stick and is about to conquer him however Dhanak says no.. regulation will punish him. Mai says let him cross, he is nothing. Raghu leaves from there. Dhanak goes too. Goon says to Mai that you beat me so much however you requested me to kidnap. Mai beats him more and ask him to go away, he leaves. Bai sees Maya unhappy and says what to do? Mai says she is coronary heart broken.

Maya activates light switch and screams. Mai says its only a shock. Maya says my destiny is bad. Mai says depart Dhanak, dont think about her. Maya says no, we ought to do something positive about her. Mai says we will teach her a lesson, we can shock her nicely.

In morning, Mai takes to the air primary transfer and places stay twine in a window. She tells Maya that once Dhanak will be passing from corridor, she will be able to try to placed twine returned from window but i will turn primary switch on and it’s going to surprise Dhanak.

Mai turns off predominant transfer. Maya is straightening hair and asks Dhanak to check electricity. Dhanak goes. Maya messages Mai that work is done.

Raghu is in chawl, a girl asks him to check switch, electricity is going loads. Raghu says i will test. He is going to energy board and opens window. He sees twine touching window and holds it. Mai activates important switch. Raghu gets contemporary and screams. Dhanak comes there and sees it.

Precap: Dhanak runs to Raghu and asks him to open his eyes. A female tells Mai that Raghu were given surprise and isn’t always beginning his eyes. Mai rushes to Raghu and is taken aback to see him lying subconscious.


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