Gathbandhan 18th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Raghu says to Dhanak that gives up to specialist. Dhanak says see me, overlook everything and begin another, you will see our affection in my eyes, I adore you, I cherish you Raghu.. Gathbandan hua plays. She pulls Raghu closer however his telephone rings. He sees its Mai and reviews her affront, he says no, I simply recall what occurred in prison, we don’t have anything between us. Dhanak says it was great I got abducted, atleast I saw.. Raghu says enough, we will be at war forever now.

Mai is breaking things in outrage. Maya says continue breaking however Raghu is with Dhanak and not noting your calls. Mai says he is my child and wont overlook somebody harming me, Dhanak will attempt to discover who seized her, we can trick them by making criminals lie.

Dhanak and Raghu are returning to chawl. They saw Mai beating a man. Raghu says what is this? Mai says he cannot capture, he needed vengeance and needed to grab Maya however he abducted Dhanak. Raghu takes stick and is going to beat him yet Dhanak says no.. law will rebuff him. Mai says let him go, he is nothing. Raghu leaves from that point. Dhanak goes as well. Goon says to Mai that you beat me so much however you requested that I grab. Mai beats him more and request that he leave, he leaves. Bai sees Maya miserable and says what to do? Mai says she is heart broken.

Maya turns on light switch and shouts. Mai says its only a stun. Maya says my destiny is terrible. Mai says leave Dhanak, dont consider her. Maya says no, we need to take care of her. Mai says we will show her a thing or two, we will stun her pleasantly.

In morning, Mai takes off primary switch and puts live wire in a window. She discloses to Maya that when Dhanak will go from passage, she will attempt to return wire from window yet I will turn principle switch on and it will stun Dhanak.

Mai turns off primary switch. Maya is fixing hair and asks Dhanak to check power. Dhanak goes. Maya messages Mai that work is finished.

Raghu is in chawl, a lady requests that he check switch, power is going a great deal. Raghu says I will check. He goes to power board and opens window. He sees wire contacting window and holds it. Mai turns on fundamental switch. Raghu gets present and shouts. Dhanak comes there and sees it.

Precap: Dhanak hurries to Raghu and requests that he open his eyes. A lady discloses to Mai that Raghu got stun and isn’t opening his eyes. Mai hurries to Raghu and is stunned to see him lying oblivious.


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