Gathbandhan 18th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Raghu goes to deliver water. Dhanak talks to Bablu and his spouse. She talks to all guests. Mai thinks what she is doing? Raghu carry water and a gift for Dhanak. She opens it to discover her circle of relatives photo body. Raghu says you may pass over them. Dhanak says I wanted it most, thanks. Raghu thinks that I want her to be happy most effective.

Dhanak comes out of residence and sees own family there. Dhanak gets glad. Raghu thinks that Mai known as them so she ought to have planned some thing. Dhanak thinks I realize why she referred to as them. Mai brings fish and says my daughter in regulation made, Dhanak’s family is harm. Mai asks Dhanak to serve wine to all goons. Dhanak is in tears and begin serving wine. Goon try to make Parag drink too, he moves away. Mai asks to serve her own family. Dhanak says they dont eat fish. Mai says its bhog so they’ll ought to devour. Raghu comes there and says I added Gujrati meals. She serves to Dhanak’s own family and ask them to devour, all of them get happy and eat non-veg food. Raghu tips Dhanak to grin. Mai thinks he continually does some thing.
Dhanak serves Gujrati meals to Raghu, he eats it.

Bablu’s spouse says to Dhanak that we saw your meals, now we need to see your abilties. She gives her gun and places an apple on Mai’s head. Mai remembers how she saved insulting Dhanak. Mai thinks she wont spare me nowadays. Dhanak factors at her. Mai says to Bablu’s wife which you aren’t doing right. She says if she shoots proper then she is regular. Raghu thinks that she will display her skills. Dhanak shoots and its hits apple only. All clap. Bablu’s wife says that Savitri that your daughter in regulation has sturdy hand, she could be good in commercial enterprise. Dhanak smirks at Mai. Bablu’s wife says that you could deliver your enterprise to her, its time on your retire. Dhanak says i’m not precise due to the fact i’m a wife of a goon, i am professional because i am going to be police officer quickly. All are shocked. Dhanak says we can have relation of enemies simplest, you gave me one goal however I know all targets, this Bablu cant walk but his thoughts works. She tells them profile of all goons. She says I realize names, paintings, look the whole thing of all goons here because I kept paying attention to the whole lot in birthday celebration, now wait to go at the back of bars. Bablu’s wife says you are threatening us? She factors gun at Mai and says you made a police officer your daughter in law? we wont spare you. they all point weapons at her. Dhanak says i’m your enemy, now not her, i’ve my goal with me. She points gun at Bablu. Raghu factors gun at Bablu’s wife and says you probably did incorrect by using pointing gun at my Mai. He calls his goons, all of them cover Bablu’s spouse with weapons.

PRECAP- Raghu says i’m able to do some thing for my own family. Bablu says to Mai which you have saved a snake in your own home, it’s going to bite you simplest.


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