Gathbandhan 19th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Raghu sees Bharat on patio. He stows away and sees him with a pocket. He comes and asks what he is doing? He takes pocket and sees a doll. Bharat says I was simply considering Janmashtami, I needed to do pooja with you yet I know Mai so I will simply implore here. Raghu says I am upset for questioning you. Bharat says trust me I am not as awful as you might suspect. Dhanak sees all that.

Raghu comes to Dhanak. Dhanak says we adore one another however now and again we have various sentiments and we battle, I have chosen to not battle with you. Raghu draws nearer. Dhanak says we should discuss things, I realize you are screwed over thanks to Mai and Baba, you dont need to pick, I will choose what you choose, on the off chance that you dont acknowledge him, at that point I won’t acknowledge him as well, I realize you will get him and afterward take choice. Raghu says you are correct.

Raghu comes to Mai and says we ought to observe Janmashtami. Mai says why? Raghu says its a strained situation so its a smart thought. Mai says time isn’t great however on the off chance that you need it, at that point do it. Raghu expresses gratitude toward him and leaves. Saku asks Mai what she is upto? Mai grins.

Mai reveals to Bharat that Raghu needs to observe Janmashtami, what are you upto? Bharat says I won’t extra Dhanak now.

Dhanak is preparing. Raghu comes there and messes her hairdo. He demonstrates her gajra. She requests that he make her wear it, she flees from him. Raghu sees her telephone. Dhanak keeps running from that point. Raghu accepts official’s call. He says we must realize that your life is in threat, Dhanak be cautious, that case that you are taking care of is perilous, I have sent security for you. Raghu is stunned.

Raghu comes to Dhanak and makes her wear gajra. He says I won so you will remain with me today. Dhanak inquires as to whether something occurred? He says no. Dhanak says I wedded you so I will remain with you for eternity. Raghu embraces her and supposes I realize she wont pay attention to this however I will secure her.

Bharat gives gopal icon to Dhanak and Raghu. They do pooja together. Raghu petitions ensure Dhanak. Bharat smiles taking a gander at Mai.

Precap: Mai tells young ladies that men break handi so let them do it. Raghu says I will break it. Dhanak inquires as to whether he doesnt trust her ability? Raghu says not at all like that. Dhanak says then I am breaking handi tomorrow. Bharat supposes I needed this.


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